HTC One A9 Review: Like Finding Out Your Crush is Rubbish in Bed

You’ve probably already had a bitter-tasting mouthful of the drama that’s surrounded HTC’s unveiling of the One A9, and you may well have a big, fat opinion on it. Yep, there’s no denying that the A9 looks a lot like the the iPhone 6S (or, as HTC would put it, the iPhone 6S looks a lot like the A9). It screams out at you like a pair of siblings squabbling over the control of a loudspeaker. Read More >>

HTC One A9 Hands-On: An iPhone 6S for Android Fans

Set to land just below the this year's HTC One M9 in HTC's flagship "One" range, HTC's new HTC One A9 is a premium-build Android Marshmallow smartphone with specs that sit just under those found in the top tier HTC One M9. Read More >>