Not One, But Two HTC One M10 Phones to Follow MWC 2016

HTC One M7? Good. HTC One M8? Even better. HTC One M9? Well, a picture of that phone should sit next to the words "dropped the ball" in the dictionary of phrases. It's been difficult of late watching the long time Android trendsetter,  as declining sales and top-brass turmoil has seen smartphone innovation at the company slow. Read More >>

HTC One A9 Hands-On: An iPhone 6S for Android Fans

Set to land just below the this year's HTC One M9 in HTC's flagship "One" range, HTC's new HTC One A9 is a premium-build Android Marshmallow smartphone with specs that sit just under those found in the top tier HTC One M9. Read More >>

LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, iPhone 6 and the Rest

The big day has finally arrived, and after many rumours, leaks, and much speculation, we finally know what the LG G4 looks like. But seeing what the phone has is one thing; we also need to compare it to the rest of the competition. Specs certainly aren't everything, but they can give you a good starting point for deciding which phone is right for your next upgrade. Read More >>

HTC One M9 Camera Update Delivers Massive Photo Quality Improvement

HTC's jump from an Ultrapixel sensor to a higher-resolution standard rear camera for the HTC One M9 had some mixed results, with as many cons as there were pros in the evolution from the One M8's snapper. However, a new camera upgrade for HTC's flagship, the 88.6MB 1.32.531.33 update, makes a massive difference to the quality of images the phone can take. Read More >>

The HTC M8s is Sorta the HTC One M8 Two

Blimey, we thought the HTC One M9 was similar to the HTC One M8! HTC's latest phone confuses your top-flight Android choices even further, with the HTC M8s being a slightly-revised take on last year's M8 flagship. Read More >>

HTC One M9’s Sense Home and Why I Don’t Want My Phone to Second Guess Me

For better or worse, our smartphones are now extensions of our brains. I shudder to think how I’d manage to remember appointments without a calendar, or tot up sums without a calculator. Heaven forbid I be left to remember the birthdays of my nearest and dearest without a timely reminder notification. Read More >>

HTC One M9 Review: A Great Phone That Can’t Keep Up

Everyone loves an underdog. They're new, exciting, and upset expectations. In 2013, the HTC One M7 brought that incredible disruptive energy to smartphones, and the following year's M8 ran neck and neck with the best you could buy. Now, with the M9, the One is no longer an underdog—but it's not exactly leading the Android pack, either. Read More >>

The Best HTC One M9 Deals from EE, Vodafone, O2, Three and More (Updated)

With the dust from MWC 2015 well and truly settled, it's now time to start considering unfolding those banknotes to slap down on the show's best devices. HTC's One M9 is one such option for those on the hunt for a new top-of-the-line smartphone: an evolutionary step on from last year's M8, it ditches the UltraPixel camera from its rear in favour of a more traditional 20MP snapper, with a new build of HTC Sense focusing on location-based suggestions and personalisation. Read More >>

MWC 2015 and GDC 2015: What Were Your Favourite Announcements?

Well, we've earned our keep this week! The last seven days have been among the busiest in recent memory for the tech industry, with both Mobile World Congress 2015 and the Games Developer Conference taking place on opposite sides of the globe. And we've been there at both, bringing you all the latest news as it happens. Read More >>

LG Slams its MWC 2015 Rivals: “You Need to Show Innovation, Not Just Say It”

MWC is the mobile tech battleground, with Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC and others lining up to pit their devices against each other. But if one company has its gloves off, it's LG. Coming into the show on the back of the well received LG G Flex 2 (though still yet to reveal a 2015 flagship of its own), its team has been less than impressed with the standard of innovation its rivals have shown at the show. Read More >>

How the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge Stack Up Against Their Toughest Competition

Well, would you look at that. Three brand-new flagship level phones all announced on the same day. We all knew plenty about them thanks to the tireless work of the rumour mill, but it certainly is nice to officially see what the One M9, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge have to offer. Seeing it is all well and good though, what we really need to know is how do they hold up against the competition? Read More >>

HTC Has a New Dot View Case That’s Also a Games Console

It’s hard to get too excited about a phone case most of the time -- some have interesting secondary functions such as battery extenders or camera lens additions, but usually you’ll be lucky if you can find one that’s simply attractive and protective. To find one that’s fun is even more rare, but HTC’s new Dot View case is just that, as it doubles up as a simple games console. Read More >>

HTC One M9 Hands-On: An Angular Evolution of the Best Android Phone

Evolution, not revolution. That’s clearly the plan behind the HTC One M9, which has just officially been revealed at MWC 2015. After two years of bold new designs with the One line, the Taiwanese company has set to refining last year’s One M8 for the 2015 flagship. It’s another impressive device going by the brief hands-on preview time I had with the smartphone, but you’ll have to dig a little deeper to find the biggest improvements. Read More >>

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Leaked Demo Videos Show HTC’s New Flagship One M9 Phone Up Close and in Action

We already had a pretty good idea what HTC's next flagship smartphone, the One M9, is going to look like (spoiler alert: a lot like it's last flagship). But now, demo videos have leaked, on top of everything else. You can bet this is the real thing. Read More >>