Vive Pro Review: Way More Beautiful, Way Better—Way Too Expensive

When the Vive and the Oculus Rift came out in the spring of 2016, they did something incredible: they made VR actually worth caring about. Previously, the closest thing people had come to virtual reality were weird sci-fi movies or half-baked products like the Virtual Boy. Yet even now, nearly two years later to the day since the original Vive arrived, VR headsets still aren’t a household commodity. While that might be a bit depressing for some of us, it’s not really that surprising, because the release of those original head-mounted displays was only just the beginning of a much bigger three-step cycle. Read More >>

ASA Bans HTC’s Advert Featuring Tom Daley Snap Picture in a Swimming Pool

Another day, another advert gets banned by the Advertising Standards Authority - with good reason too. The regulator has declared an advert featuring Olympic diver Tom Daley using an HTC U11 to snap pictures is to be banned, because the phone isn't supposed to go anywhere near swimming pools. Read More >>

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HTC’s Standalone Vive Focus Headset Will Hit the UK and the Rest of the World Later This Year

HTC has just announced that the standalone Vive Focus headset will be available outside China later this year, hitting the UK and other countries around the world. Read More >>

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HTC Released an Upgraded Vive Tracker, But Didn’t Really Tell Anyone

Earlier this week HTC announced that the Vive Pro headset would cost £799 on its own, and that the original Vive bundle would get a price cut to £499. What it didn't announce was that it was also releasing an upgraded version of the Vive Tracker, the bizarre-looking devices that tracks real-world objects in virtual reality. Read More >>

HTC Can Have My £799 When It Finally Makes the Vive Pro Wireless

After months of teasing (including some great demos at CES), HTC’s Vive successor, the HTC Vive Pro, is finally on sale. It’ll cost £799 for the headset alone and ship beginning 5th April. While the upgraded dual-OLED displays and integrated headphones capable of 3D spatial audio are cool, the high-end Vive Pro won’t actually include the best part—the Vive Wireless Adapter. In January, HTC said the adapter would ship in Q3, or around the end of summer. Read More >>

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CES 2018: After Trying the New Wireless Vive Pro There’s No Going Back

When the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive came out in 2016, we entered a new era of virtual reality. No longer would people think of half-assed fever dreams like Lawnmower Man, or ambitious but profound failures like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy anytime VR gets mentioned. Even so, modern VR still hasn’t caught on. It’s awkward, it’s expensive, and most of the games and apps still feel like tech demos. But earlier this week, a new piece of VR tech reminded me why the headsets are much more than gimmicks. Read More >>

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CES 2018: VR Takes the Next Step Forward with the Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adaptor

Back in the 90s, companies tried making virtual reality a thing, most notably Nintendo, whose Virtual Boy was so distasteful that it caused people to abandon the entire category for the next 20 years. But then in 2016, headsets from Oculus and HTC/Vive showed that the VR experiences people had been writing about in scifi books for years were finally within our reach. Read More >>

CES 2018: HTC Teases a Brand New Vive Headset

VR might not be as popular as some people might like, but it's still far from dying off. To the point where HTC is teasing some new developments for the Vive headset, with what seems to be an emphasis on resolution. Read More >>

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HTC Kills Its Google VR Headset

Today HTC announced a cool new completely standalone VR headset for China, and then promptly dashed hopes in this hemisphere by confirming the cancellation of the standalone headset intended for US and other Western audiences. If you’re based in the West and want the next wave of VR headsets, then it seems you’re going to need to look elsewhere. Read More >>

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This is Vive Focus, HTC’s Stand-Alone VR Headset

The biggest problem with VR is the cost of entry, with the cheapest fancy headset costing around £600 in total (that's PS VR). Even mobile VR from Google and Samsung isn't particularly cheap, since you need to buy a pricey handset to strap to your face. So now we have the new trend of stand-alone VR headsets, i.e. the kind of thing you buy once and don't need any extra hardware to enjoy. Read More >>

HTC’s New Midrange Phone Proves the Company Isn’t Dead Yet

Even though Google recently purchased $1.1 billion (£843 million) of personnel and intellectual property from HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker isn’t dead yet. In fact, today HTC announced two new phones: the new U11 Plus and the U11 Life. But although the 6-inch U11 Plus boasts a larger 18:9 display and bigger battery, the U11 Life might be the more enticing of the two, with a price tag of just £349. Read More >>

HTC is Apparently Thinking of Selling its VR Division, or Perhaps Even the Whole Company

According to a report from Bloomberg that arrived yesterday, HTC is considering sell off its VR division or possibly even the entire business. Read More >>

Looks Like HTC’s New Phone Takes It Up To 11

HTC's new squeezable phone, rumoured to be called the HTC U 11, has just completed its benchmarks – and the results are looking pretty good. Read More >>

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Here’s How Much the HTC Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap Will Cost in the UK

HTC's just announced the launch dates and pricing for the new Vive Tracker and Vive Deluxe Audio Strap accessories, and it's all sounding pretty exciting. Read More >>

The HTC U Ultra: Will It Win U Over?

HTC has been struggling as of late. Despite the success of the HTC One a few years ago, more recently it has been crowded out by its many Android competitors, and of course, by the sheer marketing might of Samsung. This morning, it announced its new flagship devices for 2017 - can the HTC U be the product line that wins back HTC some respect? Read More >>