MWC 2019: HTC’s Hotspot is Actually Cool

It’s much more than a simple hotspot, but too bulky to be a smartphone and too small to be a tablet. But none of that really matters because with its new 5G Hub, HTC did the impossible and made hotspot that’s worth caring about. Read More >>

You Don’t Have to Buy HTC’s Blockchain Phone with Cryptocurrency

If you missed it (and plenty of people did, because they've smartly set all emails labelled "blockchain" to forward directly to /dev/null), HTC has made a blockchain-based phone called Exodus 1. Read More >>

MWC 2019: HTC’s Made a 5G Mobile Hub

We haven't heard a whole lot from HTC lately outside of VR, so it's good to see the brand is still bringing us new innovations in the mobile sphere. The company has just announced its 5G Mobile Smart Hub, and the EE network has confirmed it'll be bringing it to the UK. Read More >>

HTC Unveils Vive Focus Plus Headset for Businesses

HTC has announced the newest in its Vive Focus line of standalone virtual reality headsets: Vive Focus Plus, aimed at business customers. Read More >>

Here Are All the Interesting Smartphones Announced at IFA 2018

Held in Berlin, Germany, IFA is a huge mashup of appliances, audio equipment, computers, and sausages, and unlike CES, it’s open to the public. Think Coachella for gadget nerds if you will, but with way better beer. And it’s here that a lot of big Asian and European companies get to show their wares. So we wanted to take a little time to go over all the big phone debuts that happened at IFA 2018. Read More >>

HTC’s U12 Life Looks Like an Awkward, Budget Hybrid of an iPhone X and a Pixel 2

Earlier this summer when I took a look at HTC’s most recent flagship phone, I was terribly conflicted. On one hand, I was a big fan of the U12+’s clear glass back (haven’t you heard, translucent gadgets are cool again), while its dual cameras on the back are probably the most underappreciated cameras in the smartphone world. Unfortunately, those features weren’t enough to completely redeem below average battery life and really annoying touch sensitive buttons on its side. Read More >>

virtual reality
The HTC Vive’s Wireless Adapter Finally Arrives on 24th September, for £299

Back in January HTC announced that it was officially making the Vive virtual reality headset wire-free, thanks to a special adapter developed in partnership with TPCast - the same company that had been working on VR's wire issue for some time. Now the company has announced that the Vive Wireless Adapter will be arriving very soon. In just over a month to be precise. Read More >>

Leaker Reckons HTC Will Stop Making its Own Phones

The past few years haven't been so great for HTC's phone-making division. The company has slowly been fading from the spotlight because people seem to have stopped buying its devices, not the mention the increased competition from companies that have been rising up the popularity league tables. So when you hear speculation that the company will stop making its own phones, it doesn't sound like the most unlikely thing in the world. Read More >>

I Really Hope HTC Doesn’t Go Out Like This

After years of declining sales, unloading $1 billion (£753 million) worth of patents and personnel to Google, and just recently slashing 25 per cent of its global workforce, when it comes to HTC, I have one big question: So what’s left? Sure, HTC may have been able to insulate its promising Vive VR business by spinning that department off into a separate company. But as for HTC itself, if all the company has left in the tank is its upcoming crypto phone and this, the new U12+, things aren’t looking good. Read More >>

Don’t Expect the HTC U12+ to Come With a USB-C Headphone Adaptor

The past few years has seen some phone companies ditching the headphone jack in favour of a USB-C/Bluetooth combo. To make up for the fact USB-C headphones aren't very common, and some people might have issues with Bluetooth, companies have been throwing in USB-C to 3.5mm adaptors in the box. HTC isn't like most companies, and doesn't seem to be doing that with the upcoming U12+. Read More >>

HTC’s U12+ Continues to Set Itself Apart With a Squeeze

While other phone makers are busy trying to incorporate notches onto their latest devices, HTC is doubling down on some smartphone innovation that you can actually feel. Read More >>

HTC U12+ Has Leaked Again, on HTC’s Own Website

Last week there was a pretty hefty leak that revealed pretty much everything we need to know about HTC's upcoming U12+ smartphone. Now there's been another one, on TC's own website of all places. Read More >>

Pretty Much Everything About the HTC U12+ Just Leaked

The OnePlus 6 has been and gone, the LG G7 has arrived, so there's a brief smartphone drought on the way that might free our minds from the grips of constant barrage of leaks and rumours circulating the internet. Or at least you'd hope, because now we've just allegedly found out what the HTC U12+ has to offer. Read More >>

HTC Confirms its Next Flagship Phone Will Arrive on 23rd May

HTC isn't what it once was, but it continues to soldier on and develop smartphones for the people who aren't interested in the Samsungs or the Apples of the world, but still want a recognisable brand. And it's just announced when we'll be able to see the next one for the first time: 23rd May. Read More >>

Vive Pro Review: Way More Beautiful, Way Better—Way Too Expensive

When the Vive and the Oculus Rift came out in the spring of 2016, they did something incredible: they made VR actually worth caring about. Previously, the closest thing people had come to virtual reality were weird sci-fi movies or half-baked products like the Virtual Boy. Yet even now, nearly two years later to the day since the original Vive arrived, VR headsets still aren’t a household commodity. While that might be a bit depressing for some of us, it’s not really that surprising, because the release of those original head-mounted displays was only just the beginning of a much bigger three-step cycle. Read More >>