Looks Like HTC’s New Phone Takes It Up To 11

HTC's new squeezable phone, rumoured to be called the HTC U 11, has just completed its benchmarks – and the results are looking pretty good. Read More >>

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Here’s How Much the HTC Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap Will Cost in the UK

HTC's just announced the launch dates and pricing for the new Vive Tracker and Vive Deluxe Audio Strap accessories, and it's all sounding pretty exciting. Read More >>

The HTC U Ultra: Will It Win U Over?

HTC has been struggling as of late. Despite the success of the HTC One a few years ago, more recently it has been crowded out by its many Android competitors, and of course, by the sheer marketing might of Samsung. This morning, it announced its new flagship devices for 2017 - can the HTC U be the product line that wins back HTC some respect? Read More >>

HTC Desire 650 UK Release Date Confirmed: Time To Get Your Groove On

HTC has confirmed that its new handset, the HTC Desire 650, will be released in the UK in February. Representing the "functional but fun" ethos of the Desire line, the handset has an unusual back panel design that's half smooth and half grooved. HTC says the ribbed texture "offers enhanced ergonomics for a more comfortable experience" and "adds extra security in your hand with a firmer grip, while also letting you know just by touch which way is up." Read More >>

There’s A HTC Vive-Branded Smartphone Hidden In This Video, Apparently

Take a look at this fancy marketing video. Can you spot the Vive-branded smartphone? Read More >>

Somebody Help Us Decode This Mysterious HTC Invitation

Well this is exciting. HTC has sent out invitations for a January 12th event, and for once, nobody’s quite sure what to expect. It seems a little too early for the HTC 11, which will surely launch a month later at MWC in Barcelona. Read More >>

HTC’s Teamed up With Under Armour For an Android Wear Smartwatch

Undeterred by the fact that nobody actually needs one, it looks like HTC’s decided to built a smartwatch. The ‘Halfbeak’ has been leaked on Weibo, and the presence of an Under Armour logo suggests it’s going to break the mould by... tracking your steps and heart rate. Probably. Read More >>

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HTC Has Launched Viveport, a VR App Store for Everything But Games

Virtual Reality is for more than just playing games, but the smaller experiences could easily be lost in the depths of Steam's catalogue. Oculus Rift has its own dedicated App Store, and as of today so does the HTC Vive. Read More >>

The End of the Line for Google Nexus Devices?

No one's suggesting Google's going to end its practise of releasing a reference phone or two late in each year, but in future they might not be branded as Nexus phones. They might be Google phones. Android phones. Alphabet phones. Read More >>

HTC Vive Now Even More Prohibitively Priced Thanks to Brexit

We're used to prices of tech things gradually coming down once they're out, but not now in these weird post-Brexit vote days. The latest hardware maker to whack its prices up is HTC, using the confusion around the UK's place in Europe and the exchange rate wobble to stick an extra ten per cent on top of the price of its Vive VR headset. Read More >>

HTC Marlin Specs Leak Points to a Shrunken Nexus Phablet

Rumour would have it that HTC is returning to the Nexus brand this year with two devices -- a smaller one and a bigger one, as has become the norm of late -- with the bigger one, known under the development name of Marlin, now revealed through a leak of tech specs. Read More >>

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How Oculus and HTC Screwed Their Most Important Fans

On the morning of Monday, February 29th, the day HTC’s Vive VR headset became available for pre-order, Daniel Flesher parked himself in front of his computer and waited. Read More >>

HTC 10 Review: A Last Grasp at Greatness

When giants fall, they fall spectacularly, and HTC’s descent over the last few years has been remarkable to watch. After creating a trendsetting phone in 2013, it imploded just two years later with sluggish and poorly-reviewed follow-ups. Their newest phone, the HTC 10, is about crawling back from obscurity. While remnants of its old design clings to the familiar shiny and chrome exterior, almost everything inside this phone is reinvention: from the speakers to the software to the camera. Read More >>

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Where and When You Can Buy the HTC 10 in the UK

Earlier this afternoon HTC lifted the veil of secrecy and unleashed the HTC 10 onto the world. If you've seen the announcement post and decided that you like what you see, then you might be wondering where you can get one. Read More >>

Here’s the HTC 10 in All Its Leaked-Reveal-Trailer Glory

In this age of constant leaks and supply chain spy photos, you really have to wonder what point there is to having a big fancy launch event for a phone. The latest to fall foul of having a leaker rain on its parade is HTC, which has had its HTC 10 reveal trailer posted online a day ahead of the phone's official reveal: Read More >>