Google Declares Victory for HTTPS in Chrome 69 [Nice]

For a long time, Google and other web-minded businesses like Mozilla have been pushing HTTPS as a way to address the shortcomings and security flaws inherent in HTTP. And if Google’s reports are any indication, it seems to be working based on data claiming that over 82 percent of Chrome pages in the US are loaded over HTTPS. Read More >>

Forget 404 Errors: HTTP Now Has a Code for Censorship

HTTP status codes don't usually aid political dissidents, nor are they particularly exciting. But the newly made 451 code, to be used when something is taken down for legal reasons, is a timely exception. Read More >>

What is HTTP/2?

Have you heard? HTTP/2 is finally finished. That means that pretty soon webpages will load faster; connections will last longer; servers will respond to requests with more content. What's not to like! But hold on a sec: What the heck is HTTP/2, again? Read More >>

Second Coming: The First HTTP Update in 16 Years, HTTP/2, is Finished

HTTP is one of the most fundamental standards on the internet and now, after 16 years, it's finally getting a facelift. Make way for HTTP/2. Read More >>