Huawei Mate X is Having Some Serious Screen Problems

Huawei is reportedly gearing up to launch a new and improved foldable phone, and it's a bloody good job because the current one is seemingly a pile of shit. Read More >>

Huawei Mate X Sold Out Within Minutes of Its Chinese Launch

The foldable phone made its debut last week, and there's another batch on the way. Read More >>

motorola razr
Motorola Is Bringing Back the Flip Phone With an All-Display Razr Device

Motorola is bringing the flip phone back, baby: on Wednesday, Verizon announced the debut of a new Razr phone with a 6.2-inch foldable display that flips to half size. (But not before a day of leaks.) Read More >>

Huawei’s Mate X Confirmed for Chinese Release on 15th November

After several delays, and a bit of uncertainty about when the phone was actually going to be released, Huawei has confirmed that the foldable Mate X smartphone will be going on sale on 15th November. But only in China, because Huawei hasn't confirmed anything about releasing the phone anywhere else. Read More >>

Huawei Is Reportedly Set to Launch the Foldable Mate X in China This Month

The rumoured October launch in China seems to be on track for Huawei's foldable Mate X. Read More >>

The Huawei Mate X Launch is Looking Even More Likely to Happen Next Month

Despite the blow of not having the Google Play Store or any Google Apps on its devices, Huawei is still reportedly pushing forward with the Mate X launch next month. Read More >>

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Foldable Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X

It was unclear whether foldables would be a significant part of the conversation at IFA this year... until both Samsung and Huawei came in swinging with both of their bendy devices. Read More >>

Official Renders of the Huawei Mate X Show off a Few Welcome Changes

At last, we have an official photo of Huawei's upcoming foldable Mate X after getting a peek earlier this year, along with some of its specs. Read More >>

Huawei Delays the Launch of Its Foldable Mate X Again but Says It’ll Definitely Come out This Year

Huawei's foldable Mate X has been pushed back from its intended September launch because there's "no possibility" the company can make that date. Read More >>

Huawei’s Foldable Mate X Is Reportedly Launching With a Smaller Battery

The Huawei Mate X is set to make its debut this September, but rumour has it that the foldable handset will be shipping with a smaller battery than initially planned. Read More >>

Report: Samsung in ‘Final Stages’ of Fixing Galaxy Fold After Pre-Launch Disaster

Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that South Korean hardware giant Samsung has finally figured out how to keep its £1,800 Galaxy Fold bendable smartphones from going haywire as soon as they land in the hands of users, and though it is in the “final stages” of the redesign it still doesn’t know when sales will resume. Read More >>

Huawei Confirms That the Foldable Mate X Is Launching by September at the Latest

Huawei is launching its foldable Mate X in September and apparently the delay is more 5G-related rather than being all about avoiding Samsung's mistakes with the Galaxy Fold's plethora of issues. Read More >>

Huawei Files a Patent for a New Foldable Phone Design

It looks like Huawei is taking another leaf out of Samsung's book and is redesigning its foldable Mate 20 X if the recently filed patents are anything to go by. Read More >>

There’s a Hidden Fourth Camera on the Huawei Mate X

For all the reputation problems Huawei has, it really doesn't help itself sometimes. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Samsung’s Doing Everything It Can to Make the Galaxy Fold’s Crease Invisible

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold flexible smartphone-slash-tablet isn’t without tradeoffs. For one, it might be way thicker when folded than virtually any other modern smartphone – potentially as thick as a Nintendo Switch – while the way it folds is pretty awkward. And like its competitor the Huawei Mate X, it has a big old crease running right through the middle of its foldable display. Read More >>