You Can Buy the Huawei Watch (the Least Bad Android Smartwatch) From £289 at Selfridges Tomorrow

At long, long last, the Huawei Watch is hitting the shelves in the UK, with consumers able to buy it from Selfridges, the Google Store and vMall from tomorrow. The Android Wear timepiece starts at £289, with the most expensive model coming in at £599. Read More >>

Huawei Watch Review: The Best Android Wear Watch (But That’s Not Saying Much)

The Huawei Watch marks the Chinese company’s entry into the consumer tech big leagues. While its handsets can feel a bit “me too” or perfunctory, the Huawei Watch, despite arriving many months after its initial reveal, lands right at the top of the Android Wear pile. It’s not perfect, but many of its faults lie with Google’s Android Wear wearable operating system, rather than with Huawei’s solid hardware. Read More >>

The Huawei Watch is Luxury-Class But a Bit Too Bulky

While Android makers like LG, Motorola, and ASUS, are working on their second-gen smartwatches, Huawei is finally getting around to the first. Previously announced back in Barcelona this spring, the Huawei Watch is finally ready to have a go at conquering wrists. And it’s a good start, with room for improvement. Read More >>

Huawei Just ‘Leaked’ its First Android Wear Smartwatch on a Barcelona Billboard

All the cool kids are peddling Android wearables these days, and it looks like Huawei is no exception: in advance of the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it looks like the Chinese phone giant has revealed its upcoming smartwatch in a premature/opportunistic ad at the Spanish city's airport. Read More >>