GiffGaff Prepares For Huawei’s New Phone By Offering P20 Deals

With new Huawei handsets coming up on the horizon, GiffGaff is looking to offload some P20 and P20 Pro stock by offering some decent deals on its website. Read More >>

Huawei Responds to Accusations of Benchmark Cheating by Promising ‘Performance Mode’ Will Come to EMUI 9.0

Earlier this week Huawei was accused of cheating on benchmark tests to ensure better scores for the P20, Honor Play, and possibly more unspecified devices. The response from the company during the initial reports was that benchmark cheating was rampant in the industry, especially from Chinese manufacturers, with the implication being that any benchmark cheating was only done to stay competitive with those dodgy companies. Now, the company has released a new statement promising that a 'Performance Mode' will be coming to EMUI 9.0 Read More >>

Huawei Caught Cheating Benchmark Tests, Claims It’s Just Trying to Keep Up With all the Other Cheaters

About five years ago there was a bit of controversy about Samsung cheating on benchmark tests, using software designed to figure out when it was happening and compensate accordingly. Then it turned out pretty much everyone was at it. In the years since you'd have thought the embarrassment of being caught would have caused them to give the cheating a rest, but apparently that's not the case. Not according to some accusations made by Huawei at any rate. Read More >>

Huawei Says it Wouldn’t Make a Folding Phone Just for the Sake of It

Back in July news broke that Huawei may be working on a folding smartphone of its own, thanks to some work by analysts. The report claimed the Chinese company wanted to beat Samsung's long-rumoured Galaxy X to market, so it could claim to have the world's first foldable smartphone, and it was suggested the company would be willing to make some sacrifices to make that happen. But according to Huawei itself, that doesn't seem to be the case. Read More >>

Huawei’s AI Cube Smart Speaker is Coming, and it Looks Suspiciously Like a Google Home

It seems like every company has their eyes set on the smart speaker market, trying to catch up with the likes of Amazon and Google's market dominance. Huawei is no different, and today at IFA it's announced that it's launching one in Europe. It's called the AI Cube, and it looks suspiciously like a Google Home. It's also not cube shaped. Read More >>

Here Are All the Interesting Smartphones Announced at IFA 2018

Held in Berlin, Germany, IFA is a huge mashup of appliances, audio equipment, computers, and sausages, and unlike CES, it’s open to the public. Think Coachella for gadget nerds if you will, but with way better beer. And it’s here that a lot of big Asian and European companies get to show their wares. So we wanted to take a little time to go over all the big phone debuts that happened at IFA 2018. Read More >>

Huawei Security Concerns Apparently Stem From Use of Old Software

Huawei has been in the news a lot recently, for mixed reasons. The company has found a lot of success with the launch of the P20 smartphone, especially here in the UK, but it's also been criticised for issues with its hardware's security - especially equipment used as part of the UK's telecoms infrastructure. It's not a new concern, and it's the reason why the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre exists to monitor for any cybersecurity issues mass-use of its equipment may pose to the UK. Now, though, it seems part of the problem is down to the age of the software being used. Read More >>

By Outselling the iPhone, Huawei Shows It Doesn’t Need the US to Succeed

Earlier this year, fuelled in part by the US government’s concerns over security and potential espionage, AT&T, Verizon, and Best Buy all backed out of deals to carry Huawei phones in their shops. This forced Huawei to shift its attention away from the US and focus more on other markets such as Europe and Asia. Despite this situation in the US, Huawei sold more than 54 million devices last quarter. Read More >>

The P20 Helped Huawei ‘Crack’ the UK Market

When it comes to spreading internationally, even the biggest Chinese phone companies can have some problems competing with the more established brands. Yes their phones may offer the same sort of thing for less money, but people still want the latest iPhone, Samsung, or whatever. But Huawei seems to have hit the spot with the P20, and it's led to a massive increase in its UK market share. Read More >>

Analysts Reckon Huawei Will Try to Beat the Samsung Galaxy X With its Own Folding Phone

You have to love business analysts. While they serve an important purpose for shareholders and investors, the rest of us don't really hear from then unless they reckon something about a big company. Normally the newsworthy stuff they come up with is related to Apple, but now some of them reckon Samsung might not be the first phone company to release a proper folding phone. They reckon Huawei might beat them to the punch. Read More >>

Government Report Says Huawei Equipment May Pose a Risk to National Security

Chinese telecoms companies haven't been having a great time of it recently. Not only was ZTE shut out of the USA for a time, there has been plenty of criticism of Huawei about alleged links to the Chinese government. While the company has denied those allegations, it's now facing a new challenge in the form of a government report criticising the state of security inside its telecommunications equipment. Read More >>

Facebook Discloses More Data Sharing Partnerships As the Hits Just Keep Coming

It’s a day of the week, so that means it’s time for more revelations about Facebook’s sharing habits that it hadn’t previously revealed to users. In the latest entry in the endless attempt at retroactive transparency, Facebook revealed to Congress that it shared data with 52 hardware and software companies, including some firms headquartered in China. Read More >>

Honor 10 Hands On: The Phone With a Photo Mode Specifically for Pandas

Huawei's youth brand Honor has cut the ribbon on its 2018 flagship smartphone, and it's a beauty. The Honor 10 was launched at a glossy event in London's Billingsgate, with the strapline 'Beauty in AI'. That refers to the dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) which powers the artificial intelligence in the dual rear camera. Read More >>

Huawei’s Triple Camera P20 Pro Gives Apple, Google and Samsung Serious Competition

With a gorgeous design and an innovative triple camera setup, the P20 Pro is a pretty great device. Read More >>