US Threatens to Stop Sharing its Toys if UK Goes Ahead with Huawei 5G

The Trump administration is really quite grumpy about the fact that the UK has decided to allow controversial Chinese company Huawei to contribute to its 5G network. Read More >>

Looks Like Huawei Might Be Screwed This Time

The US Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it was unsealing a superseding indictment against Chinese tech giant Huawei, charging the company and several of its affiliates under a law traditionally used to take down sprawling criminal syndicates that operated under multiple layers of secrecy. Read More >>

It Appears U.S. Has a ‘Smoking Gun’ Confirming Huawei-Built Spy Backdoors

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the U.S. government officials are claiming Huawei, a phone and telecommunications company with ties to the Chinese government, has the ability to spy on users of mobile phone networks employing Huawei equipment. The claim comes after years of accusations from the U.S. government and repeated denials from Huawei. Read More >>

Huawei Tries to One up Samsung, Announces Mate 30 Pro Will Arrive in the UK on 20th February

Tonight is Samsung's Unpacked event, where it is expected to unveil the new Galaxy S20 series alongside the foldable Galaxy Z Flip - which will no doubt dominate headlines for a while. So Huawei has jumped in and announced that the Mate 30 Pro, which has long been missing from Brexit island, is coming to the UK at the end of the month. Read More >>

Chinese Ambassador Says UK Politicians Railing Against Huawei is a “Witch-Hunt”

In case you'd missed it, the UK is a-okay with Huawei being involved with its 5G network - so long as its equipment isn't used in the core infrastructure. But people still aren't happy and China is sick of it. Read More >>

Tory MPs Organise a Little Rebellion Against Huawei’s 5G Role

A mixture of MPs we know and hate and some we haven't really heard of at all are raging against/grumbling about Huawei's 5G hardware supply nod, and have come together to demand that "alternatives" to the Chinese supplier should be sought. Read More >>

China’s Biggest Phone Makers Are Building an Alternative to Google’s App Store

Google Play may not be the dominant Android app store for much longer if China’s largest smartphone makers have anything to say about it. Read More >>

Vodafone Warns of Delayed 5G Rollout if EU Follows the UK’s Lead on Caps on Huawei Kit

The UK has made its decision about Huawei but the EU may follow suit which will come at no small cost to Vodafone, its customers, and a possible five year delay in Europe's 5G rollout. Read More >>

Would Huawei Return To Google? It Depends Who You Ask

Huawei is currently blocked from including Google apps and services on its smartphones, but if the trade ban was lifted, would it go back to the full Android phone? It depends on who at Huawei you ask. Read More >>

The UK’s New Regulations on Huawei Will Cost BT £500 Million

While the UK has essentially told the US to stuff its threats about it using Huawei up its butt, it's still imposed measures to keep its 5G network secure and that's going to cost companies like BT. Read More >>

Tories Want to Defy Boris Johnson’s Decision on Huawei’s Involvement in UK’s 5G Network

The UK's final decision on Huawei's involvement in its 5G infrastructure was made this week with a unanimous decision from the government following a national security council meeting, but some Tories aren't happy. Read More >>

UK Says to Hell With Trump, and Says Huawei is A-Okay

There has been an absurd amount of umming and arring about Huawei and the role it may or may not play in the UK's 5G rollout. The Americans, being American, have been pushing the government to ban Huawei from having any part of the system, while the telecoms providers would quite like to continue using them as they always have. Now the government has made a final decision, announcing that using Huawei kit is alright after all. Read More >>

Vodafone and BT Join Forces to Tell PM That Banning Huawei is Bullshit

With just a couple of weeks left before the UK has to make its decision on Huawei, the two telecoms giants have stepped into the fray. Read More >>

Huawei Will Get Mapping Tech from TomTom Because the U.S. Banned It from Using Google Maps

Huawei has a message for the United States: it can live without Google Maps. The Chinese smartphone giant has reached a deal with the Dutch location technology provider TomTom that will allow it to use the company’s maps, traffic information and navigation software to develop its own mobile apps. Read More >>

Huawei Mate X is Having Some Serious Screen Problems

Huawei is reportedly gearing up to launch a new and improved foldable phone, and it's a bloody good job because the current one is seemingly a pile of shit. Read More >>