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Everything to Know If You Still Use an Original Philips Hue Bridge

Philips Hue was one of the first smart lighting systems to go mainstream. However, after first launching way back in 2012, Hue is finally ending support for its Bridge v1 at the end of April. Here’s what you should know. Read More >>

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The Philips Hue Sync Box Turned My Living Room Into a Whirlwind of Colour

I’ll admit it, there’s something about RGB lighting that just makes everything better, whether its glowing gaming peripherals that pulse with the action, or just thoughtfully placed smart lights to enhance the mood. However, up until recently, the only way to get Philips Hue’s Sync system to work in your living room was to hook your TV up to a PC, which isn’t really ideal. But with the new Hue Play HDMI Sync Box (or just Sync Box for short), you now have the ability to sync your Hue lights with whatever is playing on your TV to create a whirlwind of colours in your living room. Read More >>

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IFA 2019: Philips Gave Into the Hipsters and Made Hue Filament Smart Lights

Philips Hue has one of the widest and most popular ranges of smart lights on the market, but its portfolio does have a few holes. Or at least it did, because this fall, Hue is releasing a new lineup of connected LED bulbs including new candle bulbs, refreshed spotlights, an updated portable smart light, some lighting accessories, and some hipster-friendly vintage-style Edison bulbs. Read More >>

Philips Hue’s New Bluetooth Bulbs Make It Cheaper to Try Out the Best Smart Lights

Despite being one of the most popular smart light platforms on the market, one of the disadvantages of Philips’ Hue system is its need for a bridge. That means getting started with Hue tended to cost a bit more than competing platforms, because to control even one light, you needed a hub. Read More >>

Philips New LED Bulbs Change Colour With the Flip of a Switch

The Philips Hue system is one of the few smart home solutions that work as well as you need them to, having been around for quite a few years now. But if you don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on the requisite wireless hub and colour-changing bulbs, Philips now has a cheaper alternative with its new SceneSwitch LED bulbs that don’t require any additional hardware. Read More >>

Philips Hue System Adds a Motion Sensor That Will Turn Your Smart Lights On Automatically

Before the idea of a ‘smart home’ came long, people had to actually walk over to a switch to turn lights on and off—it was barbaric. Now you can illuminate your entire house with just a few taps on a smartphone app, but Philips wants to make life even easier than that with a new motion sensor that automatically turns its Hue lights on and off for you. Read More >>

Future “Triple A” Games to Get Philips Hue Lighting Synchronization

Microsoft's Illumiroom concept may have died the death, and we're still a little way away from consumer VR tech. But that doesn't mean you can't step up the level of immersion in your gaming sessions in the meantime. Speaking at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, Philips has told Gizmodo UK that it's currently working with a whole range of AAA games that will be able to sync up to its Hue lighting system, offering synchronized ambient lighting effects to match what's going on in-game. Read More >>

You Can Use Philips’ First Rechargeable Hue Light Anywhere You Want

Philips’ Hue line of bulbs and other smartphone-controlled lighting accessories have been some of the more popular and successful home automation products of the past few years. They’re easy to setup, easy to customise, and now easy to use anywhere you need thanks to the new Philips Hue Go, which is powered by a rechargeable battery. Read More >>

Philips Hue 3D-Printed Luminaires Look Like Glowing Nests

Alongside the upcoming release of the Hue Lux and Hue Tap smart lighting products, Philips has also today shone a light on its new Luminaires, a range of premium, 3D-printed lamps and lighting fixtures. Read More >>

Philips Cuts the Colours for New White Light Hue Lux Smart Bulbs

Now facing competition from Samsung and LG's own smart lighting systems, its back to basics for the Philips Hue range. The company has today revealed its new Hue Lux bulbs, which dial back the rainbow colour options in favour of a single white glow. Read More >>

Philips’ Hue Light Bulbs Have a New Direction

The first bulbs in Philips' colour-changing, app-controlled Hue line were designed to mimic the unidirectional shine of standard A19 light bulbs. This made them ideal for conventional lamps, but wasted a large portion of their light when installed in recessed ceiling fixtures. But today, Philips has announced the new Hue BR30 downlight bulb. Read More >>

How Philips Hue Light Bulbs Are Highly Hackable

If you're the proud owner of some smart Philips Hue light bulbs, watch out for blackouts — because the bulbs seem to be susceptible to malicious attacks according to new research. Read More >>

Turn Your Home Into a Psychedelic Paradise With Philips’ Newest Hue Lights

You might remember that last year we were dazzled by Philips' Wi-Fi controlled LED bulbs that you can set to any imaginable colour with a smartphone. Warm, cool, whatever lighting you want, using only an app. Rad, man. Now, Philips is introducing two new lighting options into its Hue product line so you can fine-tune your living room's stoner-chic ambiance even further. Read More >>

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Philips Hue Lightning Review: Your Lamp’s Not Worthy

Used to be, the most customisation you could squeeze out of your lighting was how warm or cool you wanted it to be. Not anymore. With the Philips Hue home lighting system, you can control every light in your house down to its colour  saturation, and brightness — right from your phone. Read More >>

Philips Hue First Impressions: Wi-Fi Lighting Plus Fun

So, remember when we said bulbs with wireless radios are the future of lighting? We weren't lying. Philips just upped the ante by making bulbs that can not only cast four gorgeous shades of white, but any colour you can imagine. Read More >>