Art Installation Swears at Pedestrians as it Can’t Understand t’Yorkshire Accent

A piece of public art in Hull that uses voice-to-text technology to display messages has obviously gone wrong, because everything in the history of voice recognition always does and always will, especially outside of the south-east corner of the country. Read More >>

well all be dead soon anyway
These are the 11 Places That Think They Should be ‘UK City of Culture’

The government's announced the eleven places that applied to be the UK's third City of Culture (after Derry/Londonderry and... Hull) for 2021. Read More >>

Hull Goes Arty With Non-Functioning Turbine Blade Installation

Hull is the UK City of Culture for the year 2017, somehow, and it's celebrating this national victory by installing a massive new piece of public art -- a wind turbine. Part of a wind turbine. One blade. But a very big one. Read More >>

Hull Pinpointed as the UK’s Top Global Warming Casualty

If you live in Hull and aren't already in the advanced stages of trying to live somewhere else, here's a bit of additional motivation for you -- it might be completely under water within 100 years if we don't do something about all those ice cubes melting away even further up north. Read More >>

What Does Hull Winning UK’s City of Culture Award Actually Mean?

Hull. It's in the North somewhere. It sounds a bit grim and we don't really know anything about it or the names of any bands that come from there, or if it even has a decent local kind of cake or pie. So it is therefore funny that it's been name the UK's City of Culture for 2017, right? Read More >>

Crook Sells Potatoes as iPhones to Unsuspecting Britons

A sneaky con man has managed trick at least three people in Hull into buying a potato, or bottled water, when they thought they were getting a shiny new iPhone. The guy just puts a potato in an iPhone box and makes a quick exit before his mark opens the thing. The same trick has been pulled on the street at different locations, but police believe it's the same guy behind every fraud. Read More >>