Can Foetuses Recognise Faces When They’re Still in the Womb?

We don’t remember what it was like to be a foetus. We don’t remember what we heard or smelled, and we certainly don’t remember what we saw. So foetuses, their development, and their experiences are a natural curiosity. When and how do foetuses start taking part in the human experience? Can they recognise faces from the womb? Read More >>

Watch Newborn Babies Reluctantly Walk for Science

Ever wonder how babies learn to walk? This adorable experiment in which a newborn gets perp-walked (complete with a blurred-out face) by a scientist tells us a little about how that happens. Read More >>

Our Robot Overlords Will Have Baby Brains

Scientists are modelling artificial intelligence after baby brains. Why would they want to make computers similar to beings whose favourite pastimes are drooling and pooping? It makes perfect sense when you think about how malleable a baby's gray matter is. Read More >>