Humans May Have Reached North America by More Than One Route

There’s an ongoing debate among archaeologists as to which route the first settlers of North America took to reach the continent. Some say these migrants travelled along an interior passage between two massive ice sheets, while others say they traversed along a coastal route. New research suggests both interpretations are correct, and that multiple pathways into North America existed by the end of the last Ice Age. Read More >>

Discovery of Stone Tools in China Shows Early Humans Left Africa Over 2 Million Years Ago

Archaeologists working in the Shangchen region of China have uncovered dozens of stone tools, the oldest of which date back 2.1 million years, making them the earliest known evidence of a human presence outside of Africa. Read More >>

We Were Wrong About How Ancient Humans Colonised North America

It’s a veritable certainty that North America’s first people arrived via the Bering Land Bridge, but less certainty exists about how and where they migrated from there. For years, scientists thought they had travelled along an ice-free corridor in western Canada, but new research suggests this was impossible. Read More >>

A Mysterious Mammoth Carcass Could Change Human History

The carcass was remarkably well preserved, but something was clearly wrong. A rounded hole through the interior cheek bone. Deep incisions along the ribs. Dents in the left scapula. A broken mandible. Read More >>