Robot Body Controlled By Human Thoughts Alone

For the first time, scientists have managed to use fMRI scans of a human to control the movements of a robot body. The link between man and machine allowed the researchers to control a robot in France from a brain scanner in Israel. Read More >>

HRP-4C Walking
Singing Humanoid Robot Learns to Walk

Humanoid robots can be just a little bit creepy, what with their serene expressions and awkward jerky motions. We've seen the HRP-4C get down and boogie, but now it's learnt to walk like a human... with a sore arse. [YouTube via Plastic Pals via TechCrunch] Read More >>

The New and Improved Honda Asimo Pretends to be a Bartender and Pour Drinks

Honda Asimo, the frighteningly realistic yet increasingly useless humanoid robot, has learned another new trick! It can pour drinks. Watch Asimo roll out a cart, open up a thermos, grab the cup, tilt the cup, pour, finish the pour and hand it off to a pretty lady. Read More >>