These Male Hummingbirds Manipulate the Sound of Their Flying to Attract Mates

Birds have evolved some very strange features and behaviours in order to woo mates. Birds-of-paradise feathers are a natural vantablack. Bowerbirds build elaborate and colourful nests. And it seems that Costa’s hummingbirds control how females hear the sound of their dives. Read More >>

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Incredible Slo-Mo Footage Reveals Hummingbirds are Nature’s Fighter Jets

Most birds get all the lift they need to fly with the downward stroke of their wings—meaning there’s no upward force being produced as they raise them back up. Hummingbirds, on the other hand, produce lift with both their upward and downward wing strokes, creating air vortices that the tiny birds use to fly with incredible manoeuvrability. Read More >>

Hummingbird Flight is More Amazing Than We Realised

Hummingbirds are some of the most sophisticated flyers on Earth, weaving in and out of branches without so much as rustling a leaf. Now, biologists have discovered a new mechanism these feathered helicopters use to avoid collisions — and it could help us build better drones. Read More >>

The Next Hummingbird You See Could Be a Spy

The US military's UAV fleet will soon be getting a small addition — DARPA's hummingbird-shaped covert surveillance drone. Read More >>