Guessing The Plots of Movies I’ve Never Seen

Before I saw It this September, I only had a vague idea of the plot. "I know there's a clown in a drain, and it's after kids," I said. "Just stay away from the drains, then!" I have now seen the film, and am ready to concede that it was a little more complicated than that. Read More >>

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Is The Honest Trailer You Never Thought We’d See

The folks over at Honest Trailers have a propensity for keeping things current, though they have delved into the abyss of entertainment history on a few occasions. This week marked the 30th anniversary of The Next Generation, (mostly) everyone's favourite Star Trek TV series. What better time for HT to scrutinise the show than now? Read More >>

Saudi Education Officials Fired for Publishing Textbook With Photo of King Faisal Next to Yoda

Saudi Arabia’s under-secretary for educational curricula and programmes has found himself sacked after an official social studies textbook ran with a photo of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the country’s leader from 1964 to 1975, seated next to none other than Jedi master Yoda. Read More >>

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Man Who Got the Same Neuter Tattoo as His Dog Doesn’t Care About the Haters

Chris Mendiola loves his dog Bear so much, he decided to get the same tattoo the dog bore when Chris adopted him six years ago. When he shared his mark of devotion with the internet, he knew he’d get some heat, but he had no idea just how far the images would go. Read More >>

Severed Hand Causes Road Closure

A driver travelling along the A19 near Stockton spotted what he thought was a severed hand just lurking in the central reservation. Naturally, you'd be more than a little disturbed at seeing a disembodied limb lying there, so police were contacted and the northbound lane was closed. Read More >>

Liquid Cats, Vagina Speakers and More From the Strangest Science Papers of 2017

Scientists spend their days hypothesising, experimenting, and analysing in order to find evidence to better understand our strange Universe. Sometimes, that requires playing the didgeridoo and then falling asleep. Read More >>

Trolls Hijacked a Racist Reddit Page With Dozens of Posts About Actual Racing

Activist trolls have taken ownership of Reddit’s r/race_realism, finally establishing a safe space on the “frontpage of the internet” to discuss politically incorrect opinions about NASCAR and cycling. Read More >>

The World’s Best GoFundMe Involves Poop, Firemen, and a Tinder Date Gone Horribly Wrong

GoFundMe can be a dark place. Sometimes, it’s your pitiful friends asking you for money so that they can take a European vacation and finally tackle that “research project” they’ve been wanting to do. Other times, it’s truly tragic circumstances, like a stranger asking for help with medical bills. But today, dear reader, one GoFundMe campaign showed the world that misfortune can be hilarious—and even heroic. Read More >>

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Shrek Footage Perfectly Synced With the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Will Break Your Mind

Full disclosure: I’ve had a fair amount of cold medication today. But this mashup a) works far better than it has any right to; and b) Donkey as Loki may have actually caused me to get sicker when the shock destroyed my immune system. Read More >>

Trump Really, Really Wanted to Play the President in Sharknado 3

If only we lived in the reality where the phrase “President Trump” referred to a clever bit of stunt casting in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, instead of the actual White House occupant. Alas, we do not. But at least we have an amusing anecdote, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, that allows us to dare to dream. Read More >>

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Seth McFarlane’s Star Trek Spoof The Orville Looks Like a Tonne of Fun

Fox’s new scifi sitcom The Orville wowed us in its first look, mainly because it managed to come off as both a loving homage to the campiest aspects of classic Star Trek while also being genuinely funny. The new Comic-Con trailer is much the same—reminding us that exploring the strange new frontiers can be a truly ridiculous endeavour. Read More >>

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Watching Archer Outmanoeuvre Kingsman’s Eggsy Is Supremely Satisfying

During yesterday’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle panel, Fox premiered a new digital short, a delightfully fun crossover where Kingsman’s Eggsy (Taron Egerton) runs into world’s-greatest-spy-but-also-kind-of-an-idiot Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), where the two secret agents do what they’re best at: being dapper and acting kind of dickish. Read More >>

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The Only Way These Rick and Morty Shorts Could Be Better is If They Were Canonical

Rick and Morty’s willingness to blatantly riff on and make fun of narrative tropes seen in scifi/pop culture is a large part of what makes the show so fun. While the show works perfectly find as 2D animation, it’s even more satisfying to see Rick and Morty getting into all kinds of craziness in as talking clay figures. Read More >>