Guy Gets DOOM Running on a McDonalds Cash Register

You think your gaming rig is impressive? Not anymore. Meet Ryan Edgar, a 19-year-old who has the wonderful honour of playing DOOM ... on a McDonalds register. Read More >>

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11 Of The Worst Mobile Phone Names

Last week a fresh iPhone 11 leak suggested that the new series would have a rather dire set of names. Read More >>

This SITE Generates FAKE Daily Mail Headlines for QUINOA-MUNCHING Lefties to SCOFF AT

If you're one those miserable left wing types that likes ruining everyone's fun, you might want to pay attention to this post. Someone on Reddit claims they've cracked the Daily Mail's headline formula and has put together a little website that throws up fake Daily Mail headlines. Headlines that will no doubt be hilarious if you read the Guardian, but will be infuriatingly inaccurate if you're a member of the Mail's legal and management teams. Read More >>

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Microsoft Hires Guy Literally Named “Mac Book” to Dunk on Apple in this Ad

From 2006 to 2009 Apple ran its iconic 'Get A Mac' advertising campaigning. Read More >>

7 More Reaction Gifs Featuring Famous Hollywood Actor Robert Redford

Recently we learned that a lot of people think actor Robert Redford looks like comedian Zach Galifianakis. And honestly, it’s all very confusing. Read More >>

America Must Go to the Moon – And Bring Back Their Piss

US Vice President Mike Pence announced last week that the Trump administration wants NASA to put American astronauts on the moon no later than 2024. And here at Gizmodo we heartily endorse this idea. America must go to the moon. America must go to the moon and bring back their piss and their shit. Read More >>

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We Recast Detective Pikachu With Patrick Stewart, Ken Jeong, And More Because Why The Hell Not

Look, Ryan Reynolds is fine. But when we heard last week that Danny DeVito had been considered for the role of one Sir Detective Pikachu in the Pokémon movie, and that the producers of that film are hiding a test reel of DeVito voicing the electric mouse somewhere, the Gizmodo video team was crushed. Read More >>

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What Would Happen If Funny Christmas Movie Accidents Happened in Real Life

You remember how in Home Alone when Joe Pesci’s character gets his head lit on fire with a blow torch for like 10 seconds straight? What would actually happen to a human if that happened in real life? The intrepid Mark Rober used chicken skin, a styrofoam head, and a beanie to find out. Read More >>

Ryan Reynolds Sent a Gift to the Guy Who Changed the Avengers: Endgame URL Into a Deadpool Advertisement

When the Avengers: Endgame trailer dropped, fans who visited were met with an odd surprise. The domain, it turns out, is being squatted on, and its owner, Twitter user @AGuyInChair, has turned it into a redirect. For Deadpool. Because Deadpool vs. The Avengers is a thing we’re committing to now, I suppose. Read More >>

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We Finally Know Which Film Franchise Is Better as 20,000 Jedi Battle 3,000 T-rexes

It hasn’t raked in as much cash as all the Star Wars films have, but with five movies in the series (and a sixth on the way), Jurassic Park stands as one of the biggest Hollywood franchises of all time. But which one is truly superior? The only way to really find out is to simulate an epic battle between 20,000 Jedi Knights and 3,000 hungry T-rexes. Read More >>

Black Friday
Black Friday and the Other Worst Days of the Modern Year

Oh great, Black Friday again, the one day of the year when it's OK for companies to routinely lie about things being cheap and play model number switcheroo, pressuring us into buying stuff we don't need because only through buying things can we achieve happiness. How much does one of those powerline things usually cost anyway? No one knows. No one's ever bought one at the full RRP. Read More >>

A Man Called John Lewis Stars in Twitter UK’s Christmas Advert

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people. Things like weird food, spending too much money, and, of course, the adverts that are in a never-ending war to try and make people cry the most. John Lewis is the one that seems to have started this trend, and now Twitter has released an advert poking fun at it all. Plus how people don't check Twitter handles before they post. Read More >>

Trump Tweets, ‘I Rarely Use a Cellphone,’ From His iPhone

President Trump regularly uses his iPhones to tweet and, reportedly, to make phones calls. And according to the New York Times, Chinese and Russian spies are listening, especially to his unsecured cellphone. But President Trump would like you to know that he “rarely” uses his cellphones. He says so in this morning’s toilet tweets, sent from his iPhone. Read More >>

These Unique Maternity Photos Took a Decidedly Dark, Alien Twist

Two fans of the Alien franchise took their maternity pictures to a whole other level. We just had to find out more. Read More >>