Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Always Look Like He’s About to Cry?

Mark Zuckerberg has been in the news a fair bit recently, what with the whole Cambridge Analytica debacle continuing on with no end in sight. While sifting through all the stories about CA and the fact Zuckerberg seems to be the most sought-after in the tech industry, we came to a stunning realisation about his photos. It's no secret that Zuckerberg is a bit of a funny looking dude, but we noticed that in nearly every single photo he looks like he's seconds away from bursting into tears. Read More >>

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Watching Netflix on a 1995 Internet Connection Would Have Required More Patience Than Any Human’s Ever Had

The next time Netflix takes more than a couple of agonising seconds to start streaming a movie, use that time to appreciate just how good you’ve got it. Read More >>

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Top Gear’s Been Messing With Madame Tussauds Visitors, With Some Help From The Stig

Madame Tussauds is full of pretty life-like recreations of famous people, but recent guests found that one of them was a little bit too life like. Some say he's actually an advanced automaton from the future, and that he's only able to speak through a car radio. All we know is he's called The Stig. Read More >>

Apple Seemingly Predicted its HQ’s Glass Wall Problem in an iPhone X Advert

If you've been paying attention to all news Apple-related, you'll have no doubt heard about employees who've had to go to hospital because they keep walking into random panes of glass in the company's new headquarters. As it turns out, Apple itself kind-of, sort-of predicted that issue in an early advert for the iPhone X. Read More >>

Irn Bru Has Had to Apologise for its Latest Advert, Because it Sounds Rude

People love to complain, and adverts are one of the things they enjoy complaining about the most - for a variety of reasons. Maybe they're untrue, maybe they feature rapping chickens, who knows. Irn Bru has just had to issue an apology for it's latest advert, which declares "Don't be a can't, be a can." Read More >>

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I Would Switch to This ’80s Parody of Siri for the Hilariously Awful Synthesised Voice

Siri continues to trail behind assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, but I would switch back to Apple’s AI in a heartbeat if it had the same terribly synthesised voice as it does in this parody revealing what Siri would have been like on ‘80s desktop PCs. Read More >>

Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle) Visits Michelangelo (the Artist) at the Met

New York's Met - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - is currently housing an exhibition of Michelangelo's work. Running until 12th February, what better way to celebrate one of the greatest artists of the western world than by having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle namesake pop along to take a visit? Read More >>

Kylo Ren’s SNL Gag is Now a Battlefront II Mod

This story originally appeared on Kotaku.

Bell End Residents Start Campaign to Change Their Street’s Rude Name

There are plenty of rude-sounding street names around the UK, like Bush Lane, Butt Hill Road, Cockermouth, Minge Lane, and an entire London suburb called Cockfosters. Those are all real by the way, as is Bell End in Sandwell. While we might drive past and snigger at the fact the street shares its name with part of the male genitalia, the residents have had enough and want the name changed. Read More >>

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Did Elon Musk Tweet Out his Phone Number, or Was he Messing With Us?

Elon Musk, who is currently the top candidate for #1 privately-funded supervillain, is well known for lots of reasons. Electric cars, trips to Mars, and literal boring machines. He also has 16.7 million Twitter followers, and seemingly have them a glimpse of his phone number yesterday. Read More >>

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In This Musical Parody, Luke Skywalker Never Forgets Those Power Converters

Once upon a time, long before holing up in a cave with a bunch of porgs, Luke Skywalker had simple dreams. He just wanted to go into Tosche Station, possibly meet up with a few friends, and pick up some power converters. What were they even for, one wonders? Read More >>

Behold The Most Hilarious Wildlife Photos of 2017

Wildlife photographer Tibor Kércz would spend a few nights each year camped out in a tent near a tree, hoping to capture photos of little owls and their nestlings. But just before nightfall on one fateful evening, three of the birds flew out onto a short branch. They landed and tried stabilising themselves... but the owlet on the end began to fall. Read More >>

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How to Avoid Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, we’re not talking about Christmas, although that’s pretty cool, too. Basically, there’s a new Star Wars film coming out. It’s called The Last Jedi, and it is, as Han Solo would say, a big deal. In fact, Trump and Brexit be damned, this is THE most significant event of 2017. Read More >>

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What Would Happen If Funny Christmas Movie Accidents Happened in Real Life

You remember how in Home Alone when Joe Pesci’s character gets his head lit on fire with a blow torch for like 10 seconds straight? What would actually happen to a human if that happened in real life? The intrepid Mark Rober used chicken skin, a styrofoam head, and a beanie to find out. Read More >>

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McDonald’s Had a Black Friday Blunder of its Own

Earlier we showed you that Currys had somehow asked for £999 in exchange for a copy of Assassin's Creed Origins. Well it turns out another company had a Black Friday blunder of its own. Whoever is in charge of McDonald's' Twitter account today is going to get a bollocking. Read More >>