An Orange Supremacist and Other Nicknames: What Charlie Brooker’s Cancelled 2017 Wipe Could Have Said About Trump

Last year Charlie Brooker announced that he was going to ruin everyone's Christmas by cancelling 2017 Wipe, the cynical yearly round up we really could have used after that abysmal year. Brooker was "too busy" apparently, because the end of last year also saw the release of a new selection of Black Mirror episodes on Netflix alongside Cunk on Britain. Read More >>

A Twitter Bot is Giving ’50 Shades of Grey’ a Blockchain Makeover

Blockchain is the latest hip thing across the world of business, with marketers and investors seemingly jumping at the chance to get involved with anything even remotely blockchain related. Some of those people might be getting a little too excited about blockchain, if you know what I mean, and they might want to start paying attention to a new Twitter bot adding relevant references to infamous literature-porn 50 Shades of Grey. Read More >>

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The Definitive Guide to Watching the World Cup, Brought to You by Gizmodo UK

The World Cup starts today, and seeing as how football is the world's most popular sport (unless you could beating each other up for no good reason as 'sport') there are going to be a whole load of people watching the tournament. Especially in the countries that have sent teams to Russia in the hopes of winning. Read More >>

This Computer Actually Works Better With Windows

Wyatt Little has designed the first computer that performs much better with Windows — and lots of sunlight. In many ways, this Little Computer Planter is vastly superior to your laptop. There’s no email to deal with, no internet, no Twitter, and it will turn the CO2 you exhale with every saddened sigh into life-giving oxygen. Read More >>

Wait, Skyrim: Very Special Edition For Amazon’s Alexa is Kinda Real?

During Bethesda’s E3 show early this morning, there was a cute video starring Keegan-Michael Key about Skyrim coming to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. We all chuckled and got on with our lives, because Key is a comedian and that would be a stupid game. And yet here we are, a few hours later, and you can actually play Skyrim: Very Special Edition. Read More >>

This University Student Gave a Presentation on Wakanda That Fooled His Professor

Ah, college. A beautiful time of learning, social exploration, and making up complete bullshit. Read More >>

Exciting News: Toys ‘R’ Us is Selling

As part of a fire sale to repay its debt, beloved and bankrupt toy store Toys “R” Us is offering up its intellectual property — which not only includes its name and trademarked mascot, but also all the inactive domain names it bought up to avoid potential embarrassment. Read More >>

Deadpool’s Newest Teammate is David Beckham

The marketing campaign for Deadpool 2 hasn't really captured the magic of the original's, which had to contend with the fact that Fox was never really too keen on making the film and din't want to spend a whole lot of money as a result. So the marketing team had to get very creative, with some amazingly weird (and ultimately successful) results. Deadpool 2 hasn't quite been the same, though the latest meta humour-filled clip featuring David Beckham is certainly a step in the right direction. Read More >>

This Should’ve Been the Avengers: Infinity War End Credits Song

There’s one thing Avengers: Infinity War is missing: a novelty rap song. Read More >>

This Remix App Has Me Addicted to Making My Own ‘Oh No’ Comics

Webcomic Name is one of my favourite ongoing gag comics. Despite the core repetitiveness of its premise, it’s earnest and deadpan in a way that’s consistently charming. Alex Norris weaves in a goofy, self-deprecating vulnerability to every comic. Now, you can make your own! Read More >>

Here’s Some April Fool’s Day Pranks We Didn’t Hate This Year

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day, that cursed of holidays, bane of bloggers and too-online social media addicts everywhere. While I’ve already highlighted my personal favourite April Fool’s Day gag, there’s a lot more where that came from. Some of them aren’t half bad, either. So use this post as both a roundup of the handful of April Fool’s Day jokes we could actually stomach, and a tool for finding out the truth in the wide world of superheroes, comics, and various nerdy things. Read More >>

Poundland’s Twitter Account is at it Again

Back before Christmas Poundland got into a bit of trouble over some risqué tweets involving a toy elf, which ended up with complaints being filed with the Advertising Standards Authority and a retroactive ban. Clearly Poundland didn't get the message that some people don't like naughty things, because it's back with some Easter-theme tweets along the same lines. Read More >>

Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Always Look Like He’s About to Cry?

Mark Zuckerberg has been in the news a fair bit recently, what with the whole Cambridge Analytica debacle continuing on with no end in sight. While sifting through all the stories about CA and the fact Zuckerberg seems to be the most sought-after in the tech industry, we came to a stunning realisation about his photos. It's no secret that Zuckerberg is a bit of a funny looking dude, but we noticed that in nearly every single photo he looks like he's seconds away from bursting into tears. Read More >>

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Watching Netflix on a 1995 Internet Connection Would Have Required More Patience Than Any Human’s Ever Had

The next time Netflix takes more than a couple of agonising seconds to start streaming a movie, use that time to appreciate just how good you’ve got it. Read More >>

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Top Gear’s Been Messing With Madame Tussauds Visitors, With Some Help From The Stig

Madame Tussauds is full of pretty life-like recreations of famous people, but recent guests found that one of them was a little bit too life like. Some say he's actually an advanced automaton from the future, and that he's only able to speak through a car radio. All we know is he's called The Stig. Read More >>