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How a Team of Meteorologists With a Few Trucks Collected Some Unprecedented Data From the Heart of Hurricane Harvey

Last month, a team of intrepid storm chasers converged near Corpus Christi, Texas to witness the landfall of Hurricane Harvey, the storm that’s brought over 50 inches of rain to the Texas Gulf Coast and major flooding to the city of Houston. But these researchers collecting data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) didn’t just get the usual storm readings. They obtained weather balloon data they say have never before been collected from a hurricane in the history of the agency. Eventually, they hope the information acquired will help us improve forecast models and prevent future disasters like the flooding in Houston. Read More >>

Mission Control Keeps the Heart of the Space Community Beating During Hurricane Harvey

This week, NASA’s Johnson Space Centre (JSC)—home of the space agency’s Mission Control—became an island in a sea of floodwater. After staggering amounts of damage in Houston, Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall once again bringing torrential downpours to areas of Southeast Texas and Louisiana. Somehow, against difficult odds and several feet of rain, the heart of the space community is still beating, thanks to some seriously dedicated employees. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Harvey’s Floodwaters Could Pose Serious Health Hazards

Extreme rainfall and flooding from Hurricane Harvey has left thousands in Houston and surrounding communities stranded. Some parts of the city have experienced over 40 inches of rain, and forecasters say that number is expected to rise over the coming days. Currently, the storm has repositioned itself in the Gulf of Mexico, where it will collect more moisture before striking land again. When it does, some areas of Texas and Louisiana could see an additional 20 inches of rain. On top of all this, flash flood warnings are still in effect as of this morning. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Harvey is Back Out to Sea But Not Finished Yet

Harvey inflicted catastrophic damage this past weekend, decimating the Texas coast as a Category 4 Hurricane, dumping feet of rain and bringing massive floods. But it’s still a Tropical Storm, and it is not finished yet. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Hurricane Harvey Drone Footage is Absolutely Heartbreaking

We’ve all seen plenty of heartbreaking images from Texas this weekend, as vicious floods continue to destroy lives and property in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. But some of the most chilling footage has been taken from the sky, as hobby drones in the region document the devastation that’s still taking place. Read More >>

That Totally Fake Shark Photo Isn’t From Hurricane Harvey (or Any Other Hurricane)

Houston is experiencing catastrophic flooding as the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall as a category 4 hurricane on Friday, continues to relentlessly dump rain on the region. Images of heroism and destruction have been making the rounds on Twitter. And so has that damn shark photo. Again. Read More >>