NYC is Actually Building These Radical Storm-Proofing Systems

Nearly two years after Hurricane Sandy tore into NYC, the city's still not much more prepared than it was then. So news that the US Federal Government has doled out £322.6 million to fund a handful of flood-proofing infrastructure projects this week is a welcome surprise. Not to mention that the systems look pretty damn cool. Read More >>

How to Protect Cities from Sandy-like Storms? It’s all About Islands

One year ago, Hurricane Sandy tore a path of destruction up and down the US' Eastern Seaboard. Earlier this week, ten architecture and planning teams revealed their solutions for rebuilding the city in a way that would promote resilience when the next hurricane comes along. One big takeaway? The world needs new islands. Read More >>

See The Glass Half Full In This Underwater Mirror

Joe Doucet's circular mirror isn't water-logged for nothing. He designed it as a reminder of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York (where his studio is) and generally on the east coast of the USA. Read More >>

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NASA’s Beautiful Climate Picture Makes You Forget Extreme Weather Is Possible

The world is utterly beautiful, especially when seen through the lens of picture of global aerosols — the solid and liquid particles that float around in our atmosphere. Read More >>

The Daily Express Shows Huge Tech Ignorance With “Bring Down The Internet” Hurricane Claim

"Experts" quoted by the Daily Express claim that the internet as we know it could be taken out by Hurricane Sandy, thanks to a doomsday scenario that doesn't really tally with how the internet actually works. Read More >>

The Six Most Extreme Hurricanes of All Time

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast of North America. The storm is massive — but will she be among the most extreme hurricanes of all time? Read More >>

13 People Cursing Hurricane Sandy—For Delaying Their iPhone Deliveries

There's been a lot of news coverage about how Sandy could endanger peoples lives, cause all kinds of horrible property damage, and leave many homeless. But we've been overlooking the biggest problem; Sandy's delaying iPhone 5 shipments. Here are 13 folks who think that's the end of the world. And that swearing at the weather is always the answer. Read More >>

This Earth Photo Just Published by NASA Shows Sandy’s Massive Size

If you had any doubts about the scale of frankenstorm Sandy (and the collective moanings by your American pals on Facebook), check out NASA's latest image to see its size compared to the entire planet. It was taken by NOAA's GOES-13 satellite yesterday morning, October 28th at 9:02AM EDT. Read More >>