Disaster Fatigue is Real – and the Coronavirus Could Make It Worse

Hurricane season has begun with a roar. The West is threatened by wildfires. Arizona is blanketed in a heat wave. Rains overwhelmed unmaintained dams in Michigan. At the same time, we are living through a combined health, political, economic, racial, and climate crisis. Read More >>

What Used to Be 100-Year Rain Events Could Happen Every 5 Years

Just a couple weeks ago, Michigan experienced record-breaking rainstorms that broke two dams and caused widespread flooding in cities and towns downstream. They’re in line with a growing trend of heavier downpours due to climate change. Read More >>

The Worst Types of Cyclones are Becoming More Likely

India and Bangladesh are currently reeling from Cyclone Amphan. The cyclone made landfall on Wednesday, forcing millions into shelters. Read More >>

2019 Was a Horror-Show Year for Weather

Violent weather has become one of the hallmarks of modern life as climate change pushes our planet into a new, more volatile state. And unfortunately, 2019 was a painful reminder of that. Read More >>

Hurricane Dorian Spilled More Than a Million Gallons of Oil in the Bahamas

Nearly 1.5 million gallons of oil have spilled since Hurricane Dorian destroyed an oil storage facility on Grand Bahama Island last month. The worst part? Equinor, the company that owns the oil facility, still isn’t done cleaning up the mess, which means the final total will be higher than it is right now. Read More >>

Storm Lorenzo Blasts the Azores, Sets Its Sights on Ireland

Storm Lorenzo, the weirdest storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, struck the Azores on Wednesday and is forecast to continue its jaunt across the eastern Atlantic toward Ireland. It could make a rare landfall there with hurricane-force winds and crippling surf. Read More >>

Hurricane Dorian Oil Spill in Bahamas Has Spread to the Sea

Clean up and assessment of an oil spill on Grand Bahama Island following Hurricane Dorian has begun – and the oil may have travelled beyond land and into the sea. Read More >>

Hurricane Dorian Caused an Oil Spill That Could Be a ‘Socioeconomic Tragedy’

Hurricane Dorian’s devastation has killed at least 30 in the Bahamas. All this death has a distinct smell, Sam Teicher said. The founder of Coral Vita, a coral-growing operation based Grand Bahama, had that awful, hair-raising stench in his nose all day on Thursday as he drove around trying to help those in need. Only one other odour was able to distract Teicher from the lingering odour of death: oil. Read More >>

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New Aerial Footage of the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian Is Absolutely Gut-Wrenching

Even before landfall, it was pretty clear Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands would never be the same after Hurricane Dorian. Now, after 36 hours of pummelling winds and waves from the Category 5 hurricane, the world is getting its first glimpse at what that devastating transformation looks like. Read More >>

Hurricanes and Climate Change Might Make Spiders More Aggressive

Hurricanes could make spider colonies more aggressive over time, according to a new paper. Let’s add “avoiding extra-evil spider colonies” to our list of reasons to fight climate change, please and thanks. Read More >>

This Hurricane Proof House Made From 612,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles Can Withstand 326 MPH Winds

If you’re looking to build a new home on coastal waters where hurricanes are known to roam, you might want to skip the two-by-fours and cement and instead start drinking bottled soda. A Canadian company has recently completed construction of a home with exterior walls made from recycled plastic, and it’s claimed to be able to withstand winds gusting at over 300 miles per hour. Read More >>

Eclipsecane! Solar Eclipse Photobombs Hurricane in Stunning Satellite Shots

Earth had itself a day on Tuesday. Chile and Argentina got a prime look at a total solar eclipse while the Pacific Ocean played host to Hurricane Barbara, the strong storm on Earth at the moment. Read More >>

‘Almost Everything Is Destroyed’: Cyclone Idai Leaves Mozambique’s Fourth-Largest City in Ruins

On March 15, a rare, giant cyclone made landfall in Mozambique before making its way west to Malawi and Zimbabwe. By Saturday, Cyclone Idai had dissipated, but not before causing widespread infrastructural damage throughout eastern Africa and claiming more than 200 lives, reports Al Jazeera. Read More >>

NASA Black Marble Images Reveal How Long It’s Taken Puerto Rico to Recover From Hurricane Maria

It’s been more than a year since Hurricane Maria ran roughshod over Puerto Rico, but the island is still struggling to escape from under its long shadow. Read More >>

So What’s Going on With That ‘Hurricane of Dark Matter?’

It’s the perfect science-fiction device: a hurricane of dark matter. Recent, real-life research has demonstrated that our Sun is currently engulfed in a so-called a stellar stream. Some publications have seized on this ominous-sounding idea, reporting that Earth is about to be walloped by a dark matter storm—but in fact, if it exists, we’re already inside the storm. The reality of the situation isn’t quite so dire, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Read More >>