Acer’s Liquid-Cooled Hybrid Packs a Lot of Power for Not a Lot of Money

It’s a lot to ask a machine to be both a laptop and a tablet, but Acer comes damn close to nailing it with its new Switch Alpha 12. To make it work, Acer had to get weird with design. Read More >>

Dell’s Android Tab for Work Looks Great—if That’s a Thing You Want

Last September, Dell quietly announced one of the most exciting and horribly named Android tablets ever made—the Venue 8 7000. Now, that awesome slate is getting a big brother. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface 3 Hands-On: Slim, Light, and a Real Computer

It took a couple of tries, but Microsoft finally had a critical hit with the Surface Pro 3. It was what we wanted the first Surface to be. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty damn useable. But at £639 (and going up to £1,549), it's also expensive. The new Surface 3 is Microsoft's attempt to get in on the lower-priced action, and semi-resurrect the failed "RT" line. Read More >>

Mad Rumour Suggests Mac/iPad Hybrid is in the Works at Apple

There may soon be a new product category coming from Apple, if vague rumours are to be believed, with one source claiming Apple's planning to launch a 12-inch tablet that runs both iOS and a form of the desktop Mac OS. Read More >>

London to Trial Wireless Bus Charging at Custom Hybrid Stops

Transport for London has announced yet another interesting little bus technology test, revealing it'll be installing the necessary hardware to allow customised diesel hybrid buses to top-up their batteries while stationary at some stops. Read More >>

In Defence of Insanely Expensive Pencils

Writing instruments contain a weird, almost alchemical power. To anyone who hasn't experienced it, this will sound like a crazy idea—but for some of us, pencils are almost like magic wands, containing powers that can either help or hinder your process. Read More >>

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This “Canoe Car” Wants to Revolutionise Your Urban Commute

Fewer commuters are getting to work by car these days, especially in densely populated cities like San Francisco, or London. But riding the bus, tube, or a bike isn't for everybody, and for those commuters that want the conveniences of a car without the hefty cost of fuel or congestion charges, there's the canoe inspired hybrid electric tricycle. Read More >>

Elon Musk’s Next Sci-Fi Trick is an “Auto Pilot” Self-Driving Tesla Car

Rocket and tube enthusiast Elon Musk says his Tesla electric car company has joined the race to build a self-driving vehicle, revealing plans for a Tesla that's able to operate itself mostly on "auto pilot" while you sit there being bored, within the next three years. Read More >>

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This is the Brand New LaFerrari, the Worst Named Hypercar Ever

No, that's not a typo, Ferrari's new V12, sub-three-second hypercar is called LaFerrari. It's a hybrid, made entirely out of carbon fibre, and packs 949bhp to annihilate people at the lights. Boy does it sound good, it's just a shame you'll never be able to refer to it by its name without laughing, or crying, into your beer. Read More >>

Meet the New McLaren P1 Hypercar: The Biggest, Fastest, Most Badass Hybrid Ever Built

In sheer performance terms, the McLaren F1 was pretty much unrivalled -- the fastest car on the planet at the time. So, we have high hopes for its successor, the P1, and if the specs just released by McLaren are anything to go by, we're not going to be disappointed, well if you've got a million in the bank that is. 0 to 186mph in just 17 seconds; that's practically warp speed. Plus it's kind of green-ish too. Read More >>

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Boeing’s Concept SUGAR Plane Plugs In Like a Prius

In November of 2011, American commercial airlines consumed 48.3 million gallons of fuel—every day—and paid a total of $49.8 billion that month to do so. And with increasingly tight operating budgets, fuel efficiency has quickly become a primary concern for the airlines. Boeing thinks one possible solution is its new plug-in hybrid jet concept that burns 70 percent less gas per flight with the help of local power grid. Read More >>

Toshiba Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop Hands On: Better Than You’d Think

Toshiba might finally have something here. The Satellite U925t is its new 12.5-inch Windows 8 hybrid laptop/tablet, and it looks deceptively good. Read More >>

Google Patents Hinged, Folding, Sliding, Flipping Tablet Concept With a Software Keyboard

That complicated sketch comes from a Google patent, which sees the company planning for a future in which tablet/laptop hybrids become the norm. Read More >>

London’s Neo Routemaster Arrives, Due in Service Next February

The first of the new London buses that will replace the ditched bendy bus has arrived in town, with the Routemaster-inspired, hybrid-powered double decker ready for private testing prior to launch. Read More >>

Plowing a Quarter Inch of Snow Feels Less Guilty With a Hybrid Snowblower

Cars aren't the only thing that runs on fossil fuels, so Honda has taken some of the technology they developed for its hybrid vehicles like the Civic and Insight, and applied it to their first snowblower to feature an electric drivetrain. Read More >>