This Snail-Inspired, Reusable Adhesive is Far Stronger Than Velcro

Scientists have developed an adhesive that is both sticky and reusable thanks to inspiration from snail mucus, according to a new study. Read More >>

This New Invisible Gel Robot Is a Stealthy Underwater Predator

As if the ocean wasn’t already full of nightmares, researchers at MIT have developed a soft and flexible robot made of hydrogel, a material composed mostly of water. The new bot is quick, strong, and almost completely invisible when submerged, allowing it to snatch up fish before they even realise they’re being tracked. Read More >>

Hydroceramic Walls Could Cool Buildings by Sweating Like Human Skin

Our reliance on air conditioning, however magical an innovation, has become a serious environmental burden. Which is why researchers in Barcelona designed a material they say can naturally cool rooms by about five degrees Celsius, using a moisture-absorbing polymer that "sweats" much like our own body. Read More >>