A Fleet of Hydrogen-Powered Double Decker Buses Will Debut on the Streets of London Next Year

London is rolling out a fleet of hydrogen-powered double decker buses starting next year as mayor Sadiq Khan highlights the importance of cutting down on emissions in the capital. Read More >>

Liverpool Chooses Hydrogen to Alt-Fuel Eco Bus Fleet

A futuristic hum is on its way to Liverpool, as the city centre is about to host as many as 25 alternatively fuelled demonstration buses. Read More >>

There’s Way More to Hydrogen Than Just Powering Cars

These days we hear an awful lot about electric cars replacing the older dirty cars than run on petrol or diesel. Electrical engines don't produce any pollution as they run, which means they don't reduce the quality of the local air and screw with our lungs as a result. But whenever you bring up electric cars, inevitably someone will start going on about how we should be investing in hydrogen instead. Because hydrogen fuel doesn't come with all the issues regarding range, power capacity, and recharge time. Read More >>

Scientists Harvest Hydrogen from Water in Microgravity, a Nifty Trick for Deep-Space Travel

A team of scientists announced they have harvested hydrogen from water in microgravity – a proof-of-principle test that may one day lead to a way to acquire fuel or other resources during a long-distance, crewed space mission. Read More >>

The MET Police is Taking on a Fleet of 11 Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

Most of the world might be betting on electric cars to help wean society off fossil fuels, but there are still plenty out there who haven't given up on a hydrogen-powered future. Which is fair, because despite the issue of infrastructure there's a lot hydrogen fuel has to offer. That's why London's Metropolitan Police are teaming up with Toyota to take on a fleet of 11 Toyota Mirai cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Read More >>

Scientists Discover Long-Sought Evidence of First Stars Forming

When you sweep across the FM radio band, you don’t always hear music—mostly, you hear static. Lots of this ambient noise is actually garbled signals from throughout the Milky Way. If you had perhaps the most sensitive FM receiver on Earth, you might pick up the tiniest dip in volume: a signal that comes not from our galaxy, but from the earliest stars in the Universe. Read More >>

Toyota’s New Hydrogen Car & Bus Concepts Mean Electric Might Have Some Competition

The past few years car companies have been increasingly switching their attention away from fossil fuels and towards electric battery-powered cars. And rightly so. But hiding away in the shadows are cars powered by hydrogen. Some might consider them dead, thanks to the rise in electric popularity, but Toyota's new concepts means there's still life in the idea. Read More >>

Met Police Tests Hydrogen Powered Scooters

Seven lucky mounted police in London have some new rides to play with, as the city's Met Police is trialling a hydrogen-powered scooter of (a) justice and (b) ecofriendliness. Read More >>

RED’s ‘Holographic Media Machine’ Feels Like an April Fools’ Joke

RED, makers of some of the most advanced cinema cameras used in Hollywood, revealed an entirely new product yesterday in the form of an Android smartphone—sorry, “Holographic Media Machine”—that lets you view 3D content without glasses, among other buzzwordy features. Read More >>

Scientists Just Made Hydrogen Fuel Cheaper

Chemists from the University of New South Wales have invented a new, cheap catalyst for splitting water with an electrical current to efficiently produce clean hydrogen fuel. Read More >>

Could A Hydrogen-Powered Train Make Your Commute Smoother, Quieter, and Better For The Environment?

If trains are going to become any more environmentally friendly, like cars they need to beat their addiction to fossil fuels. In theory, this should be relatively easy: Trains travel on tracks, and the technology to power them by overhead rails has existed for decades (all you’d need to do is bolt a source of renewable energy on the end). In practice, however, it is much trickier as all that infrastructure is expensive. Read More >>

Violent Volcanoes Knocked the Moon Off Its Axis Three Billion Years Ago

A bunch of lunar volcanoes heated the Moon up so much, they changed its density, causing it to wander off its original axis aeons ago. Read More >>

Swappable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cartridges Could be the Future of Phone Power

A British company is making a play for the entire future of mobile power sources, claiming it has a prototype hydrogen fuel cell that's able to keep an iPhone operational for a week -- and that a world in which we buy fuel cells to recharge our phones once a week for the price of a coffee is but a few years away. Read More >>

Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Ready to Fail Miserably in 2015

This is the car currently known as the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle. It's the first production hydrogen-powered car, set to launch in Japan by April 2015 and around other parts of the world by later next summer. But does your local ASDA have a hydrogen pump? Probably not. Read More >>

There’s a Massive River of Hydrogen Running Through Space

An astronomer from West Virginia University has discovered a never-before-seen river of hydrogen flowing through space—and it could explain why spiral galaxies keep up their pace of star formation. Read More >>