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Threadsmith’s Hydrophobic Shirts Still Aren’t Very Hydrophobic

Last year, our very own Adam Clark Estes sat alone with a camera pointed at his chest and poured the contents of a pantry onto himself. It wasn’t some weird exhibitionist kink. Adam was testing out Threadsmith’s hydrophobic shirts, which promise to be extremely stain resistant. The shirt did great on a first try, but quickly failed after a few washes. Read More >>

Samsung’s Next Phone Display Could Have Hydrophobic Glass

These days smartphones are used so frequently, they need to be quite rugged devices. We already have phones with waterproofing, glass designed to withstand drops and scratches, but Samsung seems to be taking it one step further. Read More >>

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Watch Water Doing Crazy Stuff on Hydrophobic Surfaces

There are a lot of great applications for materials being developed that display extreme water repelling properties, inspired by nature and particularly desert life. This video doesn't explain any of them and that's fine—I just like to watch all those crazy water droplets doing crazy stuff. Read More >>

A Cheap Printer You Wouldn’t Mind Smashing to Bits Is Your Stress-Busting Deal of the Day

Printers – love them or hate them, you probably almost certainly hate them. Ungainly iron monsters that break regularly and drink ink that costs more than liquid gold, they’re the bane of the modern world. Read More >>