Every City Should Use Hydrophobic Paint That Shames Public Urinators 

If you've ever lived in a bar area, you know the smell. It's the stench of idiots peeing all over the walls, doors, and sidewalks of your street—and until now, there really hasn't been a solution. Read More >>

NeverWet’s Clear Water-Repelling Spray: Less Magic, More Wet

When we tried the first iteration of Rustoleum's seemingly magic, liquid-repelling spray, we were actually pretty damn impressed—water beading off toilet paper rolls! Now, though, NeverWet's come out with a version that doesn't leave a gross residue. And while this new NeverWet may indeed be less sticky, it is a hell of a lot more wet. Read More >>

We Put the Waterproof Kindle Through Hell

When we heard aboutWaterfi's custom waterproof Paperwhite, we were delighted at the prospect, but reserved final judgement until we could put it through the ringer ourselves. And after some highly scientific experimentation, we can confirm: this thing is a goddamn rock. Read More >>

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Neverwet’s Waterproof Magic Turns Circuit Boards into Submarines

We already know the great things that can happen with water repelling magic, but the folks over at Adafruit took it a step further and risked a little electrocution. But the result, submersible circuit boards, is definitely cool enough to be worth the trouble. Read More >>