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Chicago’s Huge Vertical Farm Glows Under Countless LED Suns

Chicago, Illinois, isn't exactly a major player in national food production anymore, but that could soon change if companies like Green Sense Farms continue to sprout up. With the help of next-gen LED grow lights, the country's biggest indoor commercial vertical farm can produce masses of produce regardless of the weather outside. Read More >>

The Food Growing on This Building Will be Served at a Restaurant Inside

France will make quite a statement about feeding the world when it unveils its pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. Not only will vegetables, herbs, and hops grow on the building's exterior, but that same food will also be served at a restaurant inside. In fact, the whole place is set up to be like a market from the future. Read More >>

Drug Dealers Turn Old Nuclear Bunker into Massive Cannabis Factory

Around 400 cannabis plants with a possible street value of around £650,000 were pulled out of tunnels beneath Kidderminster, after local drug growers broke into an abandoned nuclear bunker and installed their own hydroponic equipment to grow dope. Read More >>

Compact Hydroponics Cube Turns an Extra Parking Spot Into a Vegetable Farm

Tired of paying the exorbitant markup for fresh produce at your grocery store? For a mere £50,000—and the cost of finding someplace else to park your car—this compact hydroponics container lets you grow a farm's worth of vegetables on a minimal chunk of land. Read More >>

This Gorgeous Mini Hydroponic Farm Turns Your Home into Pot and Produce Heaven

Living in an flat or any small home has its limitations — you can't blast your music, and you can't grow your own delicious things. But Windowfarms is a beautiful, simple fix — the magic of hydroponics, strapped to any ordinary window. Read More >>