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Take a Very Cheap Trip Around the World Using Over 3,300 Google Maps Screenshots

Planning a trip is tiring, but planning a trip around the world is exhausting. Aren’t holidays supposed to be relaxing? Instead, save yourself a bunch of time, stress, and money by visiting some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations through this impressive hyperlapse video. It’s assembled from 3,305 Google Maps screenshots, so strap in and get ready to armchair cruise. Read More >>

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Tour Paris in Two Minutes With This Stunning Hyperlapse Video

Filmmaker Tyler Fairbank spent two weeks in Paris last summer but instead of snapping a bunch of random photos, he captured a series of glorious 4K hyperlapse videos that when edited together let him relive and share his visit to the city of lights—and its most popular landmarks—in just two frantic minutes. Read More >>

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Saigon is Even More Beautiful When You’re Racing Through the City at Warp Speed

Shot using a DJI Osmo stabilised camera to ensure buttery smooth footage, Rufus Blackwell’s hyperlapse video of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, somehow makes the city more beautiful even though you feel as if you’re racing through it at the speed of sound. If all holiday videos looked this captivating, you’d be happy to visit your friends after a trip. Read More >>

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Watch the World Fly By, One Instagram Hyperlapse at a Time

I just watched the sun set on Russia. Pigs run around a farm in Denmark. Hundreds of New York City students graduating in cap and gown. These things basically just happened in locations all around the world, and yet I saw them all in less than a minute. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Hyperlapse Turns Shaky Videos Into Smooth Short Time Lapses

You may enjoy watching the hours of footage you recorded the last time you went skiing, but your friends are too polite to tell you how boring it actually is. So instead of spending days editing your adventures down to a short highlight reel, Microsoft has just introduced a new app called Hyperlapse that can automatically turn long, shaky videos into short, steady time lapse clips. Read More >>

Instagram’s New App Creates Nifty Hyperlapse Videos With Your Phone

Wired is reporting that later today Instagram will announce an all-new standalone app called Hyperlapse, which allows the creation of stabilised moving timelapse videos. It's a feature previously only available to those with more advanced photographic gear and know-how. Read More >>

Get a Speeding Bullet Eye’s View of Anywhere in the World With a Street View Hyperlapse Maker

If you have Google Chrome, a decent internet connection, and a strong stomach, cancel any meetings you might have had today. Because chances are you're not going to want to tear yourself away from Teehan+Lax's incredible new tool: a Google Street View hyperlapse machine. Read More >>