Hyperloop One Is Proud to Announce Its Virginity

High-speed transportation company Hyperloop One, which landed £65 million in additional funding last month, revealed today that it has gained a new board member in business magnate Richard Branson, whose Virgin group was secretly responsible for an unnamed portion of that funding. The company will rebrand as Virgin Hyperloop One. Read More >>

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Footage From the First Fast Hyperloop Test Looks Like a Tron-Inspired Fantasy

Hyperloop One recently crossed a major milestone, after it hurdled a vehicle through a vacuum-sealed tube at an eye-peeling 192 miles-per-hour. That’s almost Formula One speed, and by God, it looks incredible. Too bad people inside the windowless pod will never get to see it. Read More >>

Hyperloop One Has Successfully Tested its Passenger Pod

Hyperloop has been lauded as the future of transportation by many people, including good ol' Elon Musk, but it's also had its fair share of sceptics. Well those sceptics can now go to hell, because Hyperloop One just successfully tested its XP-1 passenger pod. Read More >>

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Musk’s Hyperloop Has Nothing on This Quantum Levitation Race Track

He might have billions of dollars, a company that promises to revolutionise space travel, and an upgraded full head of hair, but Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will never be as cool as this superconducting quantum levitation Möbius strip race track created by students at Ithaca College’s Low Temperature Physics Lab. Read More >>

Northern Arc Would Use Hyperloop To Connect Manchester to Edinburgh Via Major Cities

The people in the north are about to one-up southerners with a fancy new proposal that will bring a high-speed hyperloop several key cities. Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow would all be connected by the proposed service and passengers would be able to travel between all the cities in a little over 45 minutes. Read More >>

Hyerloop One’s Unveiled its Plans for Connecting Europe

Hyperloop is being lauded as the future of public transport, because trains and airports are the worst. Hyperloop One is one of the biggest names trying to make the idea a reality, and has just revealed some nine possible routes that would connect parts of Europe. Three of them are in the UK, in case you couldn't care less about the rest of our continent. Read More >>

I Stared Into the Political Heart of the Hyperloop

Yesterday, in the United States of America's glorious capital, I spent two hours in a beautiful fantasy. A world where the usual constraints of time and space don’t apply, where almost everyone in this fractured nation is connected, closer than ever, united by technology. No, I wasn’t smoking weed, though it’s legal here: I was at the Hyperloop Showcase, where staff at Hyperloop One and those competing to work with the startup came together to sell the company’s Vision for America. Read More >>

The Hyperloop Lawsuit Shitshow Just Got More Insane

The Hyperloop One boys are at it again. This time, the company is reportedly countersuing its co-founder and chief technology office Brogan BamBrogan for $250 million, claiming that he and three others tried to stage a hostile takeover and conspired to start their own company. Read More >>

Co-Founder Hits Hyperloop One With Explosive Lawsuit Alleging Assault, Defamation

Hyperloop One, the much-ballyhooed company formed with the goal of bringing the futuristic Hyperloop to fruition, has been hit by a whopper of a lawsuit from none other than co-founder and chief technology officer Brogan BamBrogan. Read More >>

Hyperloop Connecting Helsinki and Stockholm Turns 300-Mile Trip Into 28 Minute Ride

Where will the first Hyperloop be? So far there are plans to use the tubular transportation system to move passengers in Slovakia and freight at the Port of Los Angeles. But a proposed application for the Hyperloop announced today could solve a transportation conundrum that has been challenging planners for centuries: Connecting the neighbouring nations of Sweden and Finland. Read More >>

The Physics of the Hyperloop, Explained

There was lots of exciting news this week about the much-anticipated Hyperloop, a high-speed train that would be able to make the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 35 minutes. Read More >>

What’s Happening With Hyperloop? Your Guide to the Hype

Hyperloop is maybe almost possibly here! But which hyperloop company did that thing this week? And what kind of technology is it using? Does it work? Most importantly, when are we getting one? We have all the answers for you, right here. Read More >>

Watch the First Full-Scale Demo of the Hyperloop

A hyperloop startup has built the first full-scale test track for the transportation system in the desert outside Las Vegas. Today, Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop Technologies) accelerated a test vehicle down a rail track at speeds of up to 300 mph using the hyperloop’s propulsion technology. It looked like a really fast roller coaster. Read More >>

Here’s What the First Full-Scale Test of the Hyperloop Will Look Like

Later today, in the Nevada desert, one of the companies working to develop a hyperloop will deliver a proof of concept—the first full-scale demonstration of the transportation technology that will be able to travel at speeds over 300 mph, radically changing the future of transit along the way. Read More >>

The 19th Century Hyperloop Was Going to Travel From NY to SF in 24 Hours

In 1894 the Wright Brothers’ first flight was still nearly a decade away. But people were obsessed with figuring out how to use powered flight for any number of applications. The May 5, 1894 issue of Scientific American featured one such idea—an aero-train that could zip across the country at 150 miles per hour. Read More >>