London to Sydney in Just Two Hours Teased After Successful Rocket Test

It currently takes almost an entire day to fly from London to Sydney – and more than that if you count transfers and airport wait times. But that flight length could be cut dramatically to just two hours, after a successful rocket test took the world a tantalising step closer to hypersonic commercial travel today. Read More >>

New US Hypersonic Spy Plane Could Fly London to New York in Less Than an Hour

The new SR-72 spy plane will be the successor to the iconic veteran of the Cold War, the Blackbird SR-71, and will likely be the first machine that Skynet grabs hold of when it gains sentience. Read More >>

Watch Boeing’s X-51A WaveRider Scramjet Blast Off to Mach 5.1

Boeing's X-51A WaveRider Scramjet has had its share of bad luck. While its first test flight in 2010 went fine, the two that followed ended with unsatisfactory plops. Now, the USAF has just completed the fourth and final test, and the result was a screaming 370 seconds of scramjet glory and literally hypersonic speeds. Read More >>

X-51A WaveRider 300 Second Test Ends Up in Failure; Won’t Be Hitting Mach 6 Any Time Soon

Looks like we won't be jetting off to New York in time for dinner any time soon, as the X-51A WaveRider test ended in failure a mere 15 seconds after it had detached from the B-52, sending the jet into the ocean with a resounding plop. Read More >>

This US Military Test Aircraft Can Hit Mach 6 and Jet From London to New York in an Hour

Hold on to your hats, as this is going to go fast. Although you're probably better off holding onto your face too, since this scramjet-powered, experimental aircraft can hit up to 4,500mph in a few seconds and jet to New York from London in just an hour. Woah. Read More >>

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Watch the Nokia Lumia 800 Survive Hypersonic Wind Speeds Over 3,600MPH

I’m not sure why you’d want to do it, but the Nokia fanboys over at NokNok decided to see if the Lumia 800 survived at hypersonic, Mach 5 wind speeds – that’s over 3,600mph. Surprisingly it did, and seemed to work all right afterwards too. Read More >>