How We’d Feed Ourselves After the Apocalypse

What would we eat in the event of global catastrophe? Two researchers have come up with the answers and let's just say that it involves plenty of bacterial slime and rats. Read More >>

Could Cinderella’s Glass Slippers Physically Exist Without Shattering?

It is delightful to have my masters degree in Mechanical Engineering put to use in resolving age old engineering problems. Read More >>

How to Fix the Lift

High rise buildings have used the same lift system for decades. So why mess with a good thing? Because that good thing is one major waste of space. Friends, it's time to redesign the lift. Read More >>

How Iron Man’s Arc Reactor (Probably) Works

By Ryan Carlyle, BSChE, Subsea Hydraulics Engineer

Could We Have Built a Computer in the 18th Century?

So you want to build a computer in the 18th century. Is it even possible? Read More >>

What to Do if the Pilot Passes Out and You Have to Land a Plane

So, your pilot just passed out. Well, the good news is the plane will probably have a sophisticated autopilot that can take care of most of the flying for you. The bad news is you will still probably have to land the damn thing. And since every aircraft cockpit is going to be different, it's not like you'd know exactly where to look to find the things you need. Read More >>

What Would Happen if the 20 Biggest US Cities Were Wiped Out With Nukes

Wiping out an American city, much less the largest ones, requires either blast yields well beyond the capability of any terrorist organisation, or numbers of nuclear weapons that would make the terrorist organisation one of the largest nuclear powers on the planet. This is particularly true of major US cities such as Atlanta, Houston, and LA, which are defined by their suburban sprawl. Read More >>

Wearing the Suit From Edge of Tomorrow Would Basically Kill You

Those guns... would rip right off those armatures. Weapons, especially heavy weapons, cause a lot of recoil. I mean a lot of recoil. For comparison, I am going to consider the machine gun farthest back to be comparable to the US military's 240-G. Read More >>

How Long Humans Can Live in Space—and What Happens if We Stay Too Long

How long can humans live in space? We don't know the answer to that. But every crew that resides on the International Space Station provides us information that we use to adjust our protocols and extends that period of time. Read More >>

What Would Happen to the Internet if Mankind Disappeared?

Parts of it would die within a couple of days; if your access to it remained operational, some of it might remain partially usable for a year or two. All large complex systems require constant maintenance by huge staffs of intelligent people, and the internet is no exception. Like you've seen in future-dystopian sci-fi movies, infrastructure like this will slowly crumble. Read More >>

What Would Happen if the Sun Ceased to Exist for Just One Second?

If you mean simply "is not visible" then very little, we'd have a second of darkness, not unlike an eclipse, and then we'd be back to normal. If on the other hand, you mean "ceases to exist momentarily" then you're talking about something else entirely. Read More >>