Our Skies Are More Watched Than Ever, So Why Are Reported UFO Sightings on the Decline?

Reported UFO sightings have been declining in the United States for the last few years, according to the statistician tasked with making sense of all the data acquired by the leading civilian UFO investigation group. Read More >>

Will Intelligent Aliens Actually Give a Shit About Us?

With Ridley Scott’s latest instalment in his classic Alien franchise, now’s the perfect time to wildly speculate about extraterrestrials. In Alien: Covenant and so many other movies like it, our cosmic neighbours turn out to be real arseholes. They’re always trying to conquer Earth, or eat humans, or do other weird shit, like hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungle. If you’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger, this usually ends pretty badly. Read More >>

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The Best X-Files Gifts for Those Who Want to Believe

The X-Files is a fairly old TV programme. Not hugely old, but old enough that a bunch of major problems Mulder and Scully faced in the first few seasons would be rendered moot by the modern smartphone. It's been 14 years since it left the air, but after all that time the show is coming back to television screens across the world. The new series started in the US last week, and it's due to hit Channel 5 on the 8th of February. Read More >>