The New Hellboy Trailer is as Gleeful as it is Gory 

The second trailer for Neil Marshall’s R-rated Hellboy reboot is here, and like the first trailer in December, it features glimpses at the main characters (especially David Harbour as you-know-who), and it’s gory and full of monsters. But this trailer’s also got way more of Milla Jovovich’s sinister sorceress, and – since this is a red-band trailer – some delightfully naughty language. Check it out: Read More >>

Ian McShane Has Joined the New Hellboy Movie

Though Ian McShane is best-known for his TV work — Mr. Wednesday on American Gods, Brother Ray on Game of Thrones, Al Swearengen on Deadwood, etc. — the colourful actor has also had his share of memorable big-screen outings. He’ll be adding another now that he’s joined the Hellboy reboot. Read More >>