Accio iBooks: Harry Potter’s Apple Editions Have Animations and Annotations by Rowling

Being a Muggle is boring. That’s why we reread Goblet of Fire for the seventeenth time in hand-knit Slytherin scarves – to flee banal adulthood. Well, the Harry Potter books are cranking up the magic even more, with special editions for Apple devices, beautifully animated and full of little notes from JK Rowling herself. Read More >>

Apple is Happy to Take Your Money if Amazon Won’t

Fresh off of settling a lawsuit that accused it of collusion with publishers, Apple is ready to take the money you were planning to give to Amazon but can't. Since Amazon is in a fight with Hachette—the world's largest bookstore and one of the world's largest publishers respectively—and refuses to let customers pre-order any books from the publisher, Apple has stepped up to fill the void. Read More >>

Apple Just Put its App Design Bible on iBooks For Free

Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines, a set of tips and rules for designers that was previously only available through the developer portal, is free on iBooks as of today. It's a little glimpse into how Apple hopes app developers will follow its lead when it comes to design. Read More >>

Billion-Dollar Giant Apple is Sad About Ebook Anti-Trust Lawyer’s Legal Fees

Apple's not happy with the US legal system, claiming that the $1,100 (£670) hourly fee charged by a court-appointed specialist in its ebook price-fixing case is a bit on the high side. He's only being given the equivalent of a 32GB iPhone 5S every hour, though. Read More >>

Why Do We Keep Making Ebooks Like Paper Books?

Comparing books to ebooks is like comparing mechanical watches to digital watches, or manual cars to automatic cars. No one doubts the convenience, reach, and flexibility of the ebook format, but it will never convincingly replicate the experience of a paper book—nor does it need to. Ebooks are a fundamentally new medium, stuck in an awkward growing stage. Read More >>

Explore the Universe From Your Sofa With This Free, Stellar iBook

Happy holidays from space; there's a new, free, astronomic e-book in the iTunes store and all you need to check it out is an iDevice and some time. Hubble Space Telescope: Discoveries boasts a collection of picture, video, and animation that lets you stare out into the beautiful void like never before. Read More >>

Is Apple Looking to Morph Bookshelves Into Launchpad?

Another day, another patent: according to this one, Apple wants to incorporate a book-case (which you might just recognise from iBooks) into OS X's app launcher. Is this another sign that Apple's slowly drawing its operating systems together, or just the latest in a long, long line of patents out of Cupertino? Read More >>

There’s a New Version of iBooks with Synced Pages and Continuous Scrolling

Apple just announced a new version of iBooks. It's got a continuous scrolling reading option, which is pretty great. It's also got its own iCloud-enabled version of Whispersync, that will sync your current page across any device you're reading on—iPhone, iPad, etc. You've also got more sharing options, like copying and sharing quotes. Read More >>

Will the iPad Mini Be Apple’s Attempt at an Ereader?

Here's an interesting titbit that leaked out over the weekend. It looks like Apple might be targeting the iPad Mini squarely at those who love a good book, oh, and probably at education too. Is the iPad Mini Apple's Kindle killer? Read More >>

Sell Your Book in the iBookstore and Apple Won’t Let You Sell It Anywhere Else

Selling a book with Apple's iBook Author program is now a one-way ticket to Apple being the only place you can sell the book. Maybe selling your book on iBooks isn't such a great deal after all. Read More >>

A Story About Apple and Textbooks

It was almost definitely not the first time Apple thought about how to revolutionise textbooks and education, but Joe Peters and a couple of Apple interns won its annual iContest, "sort of an American Idol for great ideas that gives interns a chance to present their best thoughts to executives," by presenting a plan for cheap digital textbooks to enthusiastic Apple execs back in 2008, two years before the iPad was loosed on the world. Read More >>

How to Make an iPad Textbook in Under Five Minutes

iBooks Author, Apple's new iPad textbook maker, is purported to be so easy to use that [insert stupid animate object here] could go and make one. So we figured we'd try our hand at it. Even if we won't win any education or design awards, making a three page book was a walk in the park. Read More >>

Apple’s Mysterious New York Event Is Just About Books?

TechCrunch has an anonymous source in their ear, saying this month's alleged Apple powwow is all about iBooks. Read More >>

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Ebook Free on iTunes

Fancy reading something different on your iOS device this weekend? The Beatles Yellow Submarine children's book is currently available for free for iBooks. The ebook is narrated by Dean Lennox Kelly, that bloke off Shameless, and animated throughout, bringing those characteristicly psychedelic musings to life as you swipe. Read More >>

The New iBooks 1.5 for iPad and iPhone Is a Must Have Upgrade

The new iBooks 1.5 is out. It's great. It has a nighttime mode to make reading books in the dark easier on the eyes and full-screen layout with none of the stupidly gimmicky backdrop. Just beautiful typography. More useful features: Read More >>