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Sony Xperia Tablet S Review: Better, But Still Broken

Last year's Sony Tablet S wasn't perfect, but it was refreshing. It was a sign that Sony could still innovate, and that it wasn't afraid to try something different. The new Xperia S tablet is an improvement in every way. But it's still hung up on those same Sony snags. Read More >>

Sony’s Special Topping Sprinkled Over Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich

Sony's latest Xperia smartphones will arrive running Android 4.0, or "ICS," as Google nerds call it, although you won't really recognise it as the usual Android found elsewhere. Read More >>

Factoid: Android Reaches 1.3 Million Daily Activations, While Samsung Blasts Through 20 Million Galaxy S IIIs Already

It's looks like Android is not about to stop snowballing any time soon with the recent figures, direct from Eric Schmidt, that its daily activation rate has reached an epic 1.3 million a day. Bearing in mind these are unique activations we're talking about, it's truly mind blowing. If that wasn't enough, Android now has an install base of 480 million users. Not too shabby for the little green robot. Read More >>

O2 Blocks Some Sony ICS Updates For Your Own Good

Mobile network O2 has decided against releasing Sony's Android 4.0 update for a few of its older models, claiming it found the code wasn't performing particularly well on a handful of phones. Read More >>

Sony Xperia Tablet S Hands-On: Still Weird. A Little Better. Let’s Hope Somebody Buys It This Time.

It's been exactly a year since the original Sony Tablet S debuted. It was unique, and a lot better than the terrible Tablet P, but it never got to be all that popular. This year's Tablet S returns with the Xperia moniker and a set of improvements that should fix the flaws from the first time around. Read More >>

lightning review
Archos 101 XS Tablet Review: One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

Think Microsoft Surface is the only one that gets to have fun with a keyboard hidden in the tablet's cover? Hell naw, quoth Archos. The 101 XS Tablet is bringing some old-style clickity-clack to the tablet game. If only they'd made it, you know, work. Read More >>

Hands-On With the New Super-Thin Archos 101 XS, Which Has the Transformer Prime Squarely In Its Sights

Archos used to be so ahead of the curve in terms of tablets I think it basically forgot to keep innovating. Recently the French tablet-maker has gone the budget route, but the 10.1-inch generation 10 XS is a break from that mould -- super thin, light, and with a full clip-on convertible keyboard, just like the Asus Transformer series. Read More >>

Grab Yourself Google Now and Offline Dictation For Your Ice Cream Sandwich Phone

Google Now's a pretty special component of Jelly Bean, with infinite possibilities. We told you how to grab it early for a select group of phones, but now that list has gotten much larger, and with it comes Google's awesome new voice dictation powers too. Read More >>

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Is Coming to the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi has had some pretty great software upgrades of late, first was the super-speedy Raspbian, then a dash of Google Chrome, and now a big chunk of Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0 is coming to your slice of Pi real soon. Read More >>

Port Google Now To Your Ice Cream Sandwich Android Phone

With the right skills, you can port Jelly Bean's Google Now over to your Ice Cream Sandwich Android device. If you want to try the oh-so-creepy predictive assistant, but you're not yet running a build 4.1 operating system, you can do so following a set of instructions posted on the XDA Developers forums. Read More >>

Android Sky Go Gets On-Demand TV, Ice Cream Sandwich Support Due Soon

Sky has announced some exciting and much-needed updates for the Android version of its Sky Go app, with those currently able to install it on their mobiles and tablets now able to access the on-demand content that features on Sky's Anytime+ portal. Read More >>

Only 10-Per Cent of Androids Have Ice Cream Sandwich After Eight Months

Ice Cream Sandwich is now installed on 10-per cent of active Android devices, according to Google's own numbers. About 64-per cent of users are still using Gingerbread. And the latest iteration of Android, Jelly Bean, is already on its way.When developers express concern about Android fragmentation, this is what they mean. Read More >>

Matias Duarte Q&A: Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7, and the Wild, Weird World of Android

Matias Duarte is the Director of Android User Experience at Google, which means he's the artist who pretties up the green robot's gears. We got some one-on-one time with him at Google I/O, and he opened up about the Nexus 7, Jelly Bean, and why we shouldn't be so huffy about Android fragmentation. Read More >>

Android 4.0 Media Player Selling for £58 to Fulfil Your Mini PC Needs

This thing is the Bluetimes Smart TV, which is being sold as a networked media player. But it's a bit more clever than that, as your £58 gets you a mini streaming device that's loaded with Android 4.0, making it a cheap Android computer/plaything that uses your TV as a screen. Read More >>

Got an Xperia S? Check for Updates, There’s an Ice Cream Sandwich Waiting

Sony's mobile people have updated the extremely nice Xperia S to the very latest version of Android, releasing the finalised "Ice Cream Sandwich" build of Google's software for its current smartphone flagship. Read More >>