Deliveroo Is Giving Out A Shedload Of Halo Top Ice Cream In January

Halo Top ice cream is a bit of a sensation in America, not least because of this freaky-deaky ad that has been haunting our dreams ever since it went viral: Read More >>

McDonald’s Scientists Debut Method of Getting More Chocolate Bits on Ice Cream

People looking to fatten themselves up to stay warm through the winter are being given a helping hand to bulk up by McDonald's, which has revealed a new innovation in the world of adding varying sized lumps and crumbled pieces of branded products to its desserts range. Read More >>

Derby Ice Cream Seller Threatened Over Boozy Rum & Raisin

A Derby man's ethical ice cream business is under pressure from local council watchdogs, because his take on the classic rum & raisin flavour has been deemed too alcoholic – to such an extent that the council says he needs an alcohol license in order to continue selling it. Read More >>

YouGov is Handling the Heatwave by Working Out Britain’s Favourite Ice Lolly

It's hot. Too hot. Especially inside where we don't have the luxury of air conditioning. What's the best and most delicious way to cool off? With an ice lolly, naturally. The problem is deciding which one to have, since there are so many and everyone has their own opinion on which one is best. If you'd rather go with the flow, you may want to pay attention to YouGov's latest poll which worked out which lollies are the most popular. Read More >>

Toblerone Wants to Make Friends Again so Here’s an Ice Cream

Toblerone has an idea that might make people like it again, and to be fair it is quite a good one. It's a Toblerone ice cream made in the shape of one of the triangles it controversially cut from the recently savaged chocolate bar. It's ideally shaped to be gently worked in. Read More >>

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Watching Ice Cream Melt Up Close Will Make You Crave Ice Cream

Time-lapse footage has the power to turn mundane things into the most fascinating video you’ve ever seen. Aside from making sure you don’t step in it, you’d probably barely notice ice cream melting on the sidewalk. But when the hours long process is sped up so it takes just a few seconds, you’re left with something spectacular—and an insatiable craving for ice cream. [YouTube via Taxi] Read More >>

How Did They Make Ice Cream in the 17th Century?  

History’s first confirmed ice cream graced the court of Charles II in 1671. It was made using a special flavour, orange blossom, and one very special chemical ingredient that made ice cream without refrigeration possible in the first place. Read More >>

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Heroic Scientists Invent Ice Cream That Won’t Melt as Fast

In a game-changing breakthrough that will usher in a golden age of peace and prosperity, scientists have figured out how to make ice cream that doesn’t melt so bloody fast. Read More >>

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Boozy Ice Cream Is the Best Ice Cream

Booze and ice cream. Two of humanity’s greatest inventions, so why not combine them? As I discovered on a weekend trip to San Antonio recently, you can, and it’s magical. And while boozy ice cream is typically made with gelatin, if you’re willing to put in a little extra leg work, yours can be 100% vegetarian. Read More >>

It’s International Free Ice Cream Day for Uber Users

Uber's annual PR stunt has just got under way in the UK, with the #UberIceCream campaign now live. In short, it means that you can have a free Cornetto today if you live in an Uber-active city, in return for getting the app on your phone and hopefully using it again in the future on a day when there's not a powerful incentive to do so. Read More >>

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Glorious Video Shows How Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Bars Are Made

Sploid reader Alden Gleason saw this beautiful GIF last week and decided that we should all see the full source video, which he made at Julie's Organic Ice Cream in Eugene, Oregon. He kindly uploaded it to YouTube in high definition for all of you to enjoy the glorious film of cream dreams. Read More >>

This Giant Ice Cream Scooper Serves You an Entire Pint Every Time

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. But apparently not loud enough as kids because the tiny portions we got from those standard-sized ice scream scoopers pale in comparison to what this monster can serve up in one fell scoop. That's a full pint of the good stuff there, ready to crush cones and overflow bowls. Read More >>

Obsessed Engineer Devises the Perfect Scooper for Rock-Hard Ice-Cream

Ice-cream is a dish best served cold, but liberating it from its carton is an exercise in bent spoons and throbbing wrists. Kickstarter's Michael Chou spent years striving for the perfect solution, and here it is: The Midnight Scoop, shaped to engage your most powerful arm muscles in the quest for deliciousness. Read More >>

Jingles are Archaic, the Modern Ice-Cream Van Can be Tracked on Your Phone

The days of constantly being disturbed by ice-cream van jingles could be coming to an end, thanks to a fleet of vans in Surrey that have been given a 21st Century upgrade. Now instead of driving people ballistic with Greensleeves or that song from The Wizard of Oz, you can track the movements of the vans with a mobile app. Read More >>

Scientist Invents Ice Cream That Changes Colour as You Lick It

37-year-old Spanish physicist and electronic engineer-cum-chef and ice cream master Manuel Linares has invented an ice cream that changes colour. The formula is a patent-pending secret but he claims it's "entirely made with natural ingredients." He calls it Xamaleón. Read More >>