Intel’s 10th Generation is Confusing as Hell

Today Intel announced its new line up of 10th generation U- and Y-series CPUs. This is exciting stuff! Wait. Didn’t Intel already announce its new line up of 10th generation U- and Y-series CPUs in May? Yes, it did. But it also announced a second 10th generation of U and Y series CPUs today, and you are totally welcomed to be confused by that and what it all means, as I’ve been. Read More >>

We Tested Intel’s Ice Lake i7 CPU, and It Packs a Pleasant Surprise

Intel’s Ice Lake processors aren’t on the market just yet, but after five years of teasing and delays, Intel put the upcoming 10nm CPUs in the hands of journalists last week. The company claims this generation of processors will help redefine “what’s possible in a thin and light laptop”—specifically, we’re supposed to see significant improvements in battery life, thermal performance, and speed. We couldn’t test out those first two claims, but we got the opportunity to test the latter one, and while the speed bumps we recorded for processor-intensive tasks weren’t by any means shocking, the GPU improvements seem pretty extraordinary. Read More >>

It’s Been Five Years, But Intel’s Biggest CPU Yet Is Finally Coming

In a briefing a couple of years ago, a representative for a major laptop maker sat across from me with a huge grin on his face. He had a special mock-up in his bag, and he wanted to show it off. It was a super thin Windows 10 laptop – no fans required, and maybe only 10mm thick. According to the rep, it would be one of the company’s first products supporting Ice Lake, the long in development 10nm family of chips from Intel. He assured me that at the same time the following year, he’d be showing me the real thing. Read More >>