The Crying Face Was 2016’s Most Popular Emoji [Crying Face]

Virtual keyboard company Swiftkey has been data mining with or without the consent of its users, and has revealed the most commonly used emoji of 2016 -- and broken it down by UK cities to boot. Read More >>

That Emoji Does Not Mean What You Think it Means

By now you probably know that the emoji you send on an iPhone might not be the emoji that is received on a Nexus. Since emoji are designed differently across platforms, sometimes your text messages might get lost in translation. But how differently might your well-intentioned emoji be displayed? The reality might surprise you. Read More >>

Bacon, Selfie, and 36 Other Brand-New Emoji are on the Way

It has already been a great year for emoji. Apple recently began supporting a refresh of certain characters, including more racially and gender-diverse people as well as a few new emoji like an Apple Watch and a taco. Now a 💣🐚: 38 brand-new emoji are coming! Read More >>

These Legendary UI Icons are Now Hanging in a Museum

The original Mac OS icons. The Google Maps pin. The power-on symbol. The glyphs that have been with us for years on our screens (or decades, in some cases) are all on display this month at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Read More >>

Google Just Released Hundreds of Cool Icons That You Can Use For Free

As part of its Material Design project, Google has published a set of lovely icons, designed for use in mobile apps or whatever else you fancy using them for. And they're free! Read More >>

OS X Yosemite Dock Icons, Ranked

Apple just released OS X Yosemite. It looks pretty nice. The typeface is new. The menus are frosty. The new "Dark Mode" is dashing. And, best of all, the icons are fresh and delightful. Well, most of them are. Read More >>

Inspecting Yosemite’s Icons

Last month Apple released a preview of their new operating system, OS X Yosemite. Following the visual refresh in iOS 7, Yosemite features a significant visual change. Apple has added the familiar blur and translucent materials, a cleaner looking user interface, a new system font and updated icons. Read More >>

Who Designed the Weather Icons?

To modern eyes, they're as intuitive as the alphabet: the bubbly cloud, the circle and its simplistic rays of sunshine. But our weather icons are actually pretty new inventions. Up until the 1970s, meteorologists used an enigmatic system of symbols to forecast the weather—until a design student came along and changed everything. Read More >>

Who Designed the Hamburger Icon?

The hamburger icon is a classic. Even if you don't know it by that name, its three black bars are as familiar as your mouse's cursor—they've been there, a constant companion on your cyber journey since the day you got your first computer. But who designed this icon? Read More >>

Alleged KitKat 4.4 Images Show Flattened 2D-Style Android

Some images of what's alleged to be Android 4.4 appeared over the weekend, with screen captures of a phone supposedly running the new KitKat release giving us a look at what may be Google's ever-so-slightly redesigned new mobile OS. Read More >>

How Different Your Favourite Apps Look in iOS 7

All that chatter about the death of skeuomorphism, the rise of flat design, and what that means for the next major incarnation of Apple's mobile OS have all been leading up to today. And truth be told, it's beautiful. But that's on Apple's end, the real question is how well app developers are going to adapt to this new ecosystem. Read More >>

A Lot of Cameras Are Going to Change in the Tiniest Way Possible

If you use a Sony or Fujifilm camera or Nokia phone or anything like that, you may notice a slight difference in future editions of your favorite camera and phones. The iconic Carl Zeiss imprint on the camera lens will now be just ZEISS. I guess they were growing tired of non photogs asking who the heck is Carl Zeiss? Read More >>

These New iOS 7 Icons Sure Look Familiar

Apple's new app icons are sure something, aren't they? Each one is so delightful and cheery and vibrant. Who knew shading would look so much better than drop shadows! But wait! I think I've seen some of these before. Read More >>

The Iconic “Mind the Gap” Is Back After Widow’s Request

It's not often government shows a touch of class, but TfL's gone and done just that. After a letter from the widow of Peter Lodge, the original "Mind the Gap" man, requesting that it be played on the Northern Line at Embankment, just so she could hear his voice again, London Underground has re-instated the classic announcement at Embankment, and is planning to roll out it to other platforms too. Simply brilliant. If you don't know the tale behind the iconic catchphrase, check out the story on [The Importance of Being Trivial] Read More >>

Zen, and the Art of Stunning App Icons

HD screens have ushered in a design revolution where details don't just matter -- they're a requirement. Now an emerging scene of designers bound by format guidelines are treating their icons as visual haikus, and the photo-realistic results are stunning. Read More >>