The Systems That Control Water and Power Plants Are Shockingly Vulnerable to Hackers, Study Finds

A disturbingly high percentage of industrial control systems (ICS)—the technology used to manage everything from water treatment plants to the International Space Station—are eminently vulnerable to malicious hackers, according to tests performed by a leading global security firm. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms “Jelly Bean” Update for Old Galaxy S II

There's some great news out today for those who plan to nurse Samsung's excellent Galaxy S II through another year of use, thanks to Samsung posting details about an imminent update to Android 4.1 for the popular phone. Read More >>

Sony’s Special Topping Sprinkled Over Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich

Sony's latest Xperia smartphones will arrive running Android 4.0, or "ICS," as Google nerds call it, although you won't really recognise it as the usual Android found elsewhere. Read More >>

Got an Xperia S? Check for Updates, There’s an Ice Cream Sandwich Waiting

Sony's mobile people have updated the extremely nice Xperia S to the very latest version of Android, releasing the finalised "Ice Cream Sandwich" build of Google's software for its current smartphone flagship. Read More >>

Indie Android Developers Manage to Nearly Double the Speed of Android 4.0

A very talented team of coders have done some astonishing optimisation of Google's Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, managing to get parts of the code running nearly twice as fast as Google's own team. Read More >>

Has Sony Ruined or Improved Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich?

Here's a video of someone having a good old play with Sony's lovely big Xperia S, only this time it's been updated to run on Google's "Ice Cream Sandwich" version of the OS. Read More >>

New Google Maps Makes Taking the Bus Easier

Public transit riders used to have to just settle for the route that Google Maps dictated — no discussion, no sharing of feelings, nothing. But, the newest iteration of Maps will tailor  the route to your preferences while looking gorgeous on Ice Cream Sandwich. Read More >>

HTC Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich Is Rolling Out to a Phone Near You Including the Rhyme

We’ve heard before about HTC’s plans for Ice Cream Sandwich, but now it's come out and listed the 16 lucky phones that’ll grab the Android 4.0 update soon. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S II and Note to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update Before the End of Q1

Good news Galaxy S II and Note fans, looks like you’ll be getting a tasty upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich in time for Easter. Samsung’s Norwegian Facebook page has gone out and stated on record that both devices will get the update before the end of the first quarter of this year. Read More >>