AI Can Now Fake Fingerprints That Fool Biometric ID Scanners

Artificial Intelligence researchers used a neural network to create fake fingerprints that could be a hacker’s dream tool. Read More >>

Not Content with Carphone Warehouse’s Deals, iD Has Announced a Bunch of its Own Early Black Friday Savings

iD is Carphone Warehouse's mobile network, which lets the retailer flog handsets for someone other than the three big networks that are willing to stick to the partnerships that have existed for so long. Carphone Warehouse has already announced a number of 'Black Tag' (read: Black Friday) deals, and now iD is getting in on the action. Here's what's available right now, on phones and contracts galore. Read More >>

Future Teens Will Probably Have Better Fake IDs Than We Did

Getting your fake ID snatched at 3am from a curmudgeonly bouncer is an embarrassing rite of passage too many of us have had to endure. Even if it’s followed by a cathartic cry over a dirty kebab, the experience is a distinctly humiliating one. But the good news is, there’s hope for the thirsty teens of tomorrow: a new study suggests that future fake IDs may be created using a photo manipulation technique to make them appear more convincing. Read More >>

New Quake Level Celebrates Iconic Shooter’s 20th Anniversary

The game that helped make multiplayer network gaming the phenomenon it is today had its 20th birthday this weekend, so the team currently managing some of original developer id's properties thought a new official level might make a good birthday treat for the fans. Read More >>

The Best UK iPhone SE Deals

Apple’s newest smartphone hit the market today, causing the latest wave of take-my-money iPhone fever. The iPhone SE, which is essentially an iPhone 6S in the body of an iPhone 5S, features a 4-inch, 1,136 x 640 display, 2GB of RAM, an A9 processor and M9 co-processor and a 12-megapixel rear camera. Read More >>

Carry Over Your Unused Mobile Data for Free With Carphone Warehouse’s iD Plans

Carphone Warehouse has announced that customers on its 12- or 24-month GoTo iD plans or one-month GoTo SIM-only plan can now carry their unused data into the following month, free of charge. If you have a data cap of 6GB, for instance, and only munch through 4.5GB of that, you’ll have 7.5GB to play with the following month. Read More >>

Carphone Warehouse is Launching a Mobile Network Called iD Next Month

Sometimes it seems as though everyone and their cat has a mobile network these days, and earlier this morning the Carphone Warehouse announced that it will be the next to launch one. It's called iD, and it's here to offer low cost 4G and free roaming in 22 countries around the world. Read More >>

Gnasher Finally Gets Chipped After 50 Years as an Untraceable Ruffian

Dennis the Menace's famous pet is now in possession of an implanted ID chip, as part of a push to encourage all dog owners to get their hairy friends officially registered. Read More >>

Barclays Goes Biometric to Help Keep Your Shameful Overdraft Details Secret

That businessman there is conducting his business fractions of a second faster than his competitors, thanks to the Barclays Biometric Reader; a finger scanner that does away with the need for PINs and passwords and trying to remember what your safe word is when logging in to your banking site. Read More >>

UK Cops Test Live Facial Recognition Tools

Police in Leicester have been trialling the Neo-Face tagging system, living the future-cop dream of having a live camera system beam the faces of people back to head office for a quick comparison with known offenders on the database. Read More >>

Is This Apple’s Reinvention of the Button, AKA the iPhone 5S “Touch ID Sensor”?

Hot on the heels of the news that seemingly confirmed Apple's plan to integrate fingerprint scanning into its new iPhone 5S, we now have a photograph of said controversial button. This supposed marketing image describes it as the "Home button / Touch ID sensor." Read More >>

PC Development Legend John “Doom” Carmack Leaves id for Oculus Rift

One of the largest brains in computing is now working for Oculus Rift, with the co-creator of the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake lessening his role at id Software to help out at the new VR gaming headset company. Read More >>

The Ive Imperative: Can a Great Industrial Designer Also Design Great UI?

With iOS 7 a little over a week away, it's worth taking stock of the fact that this is Jonathan Ive's first WWDC as Apple's Head of Human Interface (HI). But what does it mean for an industrial designer—someone who works with atoms in three dimensions—to be put in charge of a team that works with electrons in two dimensions? Read More >>

Hacker Steals Nearly *All* of Greece’s ID Data

A hacker has been rumbled in possession of personal ID data of Greek citizens, with the man holding a staggering nine million pieces of data -- enough to cover almost the entire population of the country. Read More >>

Doom 4 Shows Up in the Steam Database; Is It Almost Here?

It seems like we've been waiting forever for Doom 4 to finally arrive. Yeah, we've been thrown a bone recently, in the form of Doom 3 BFG Edition, and we know id's cranking it out as quickly as possible. But does it turning up in the Steam database basically mean it's done and almost ready for release? Read More >>