Lego Thunderbirds Sets Are Nearly Potentially Go

A proper generation-spanner of an idea is currently battling for recognition on the Lego Ideas portal, where Lego and Thunderbirds fan Andrew Clark is hoping his staggering recreation of Thunderbird 2 hits the 10,000 supporters level needed to get it in front of Lego's decision makers. Read More >>

Reinventing the Wheel: Mankind’s Best Attempts at Updating Design Classics

There are some things you don't mess with in the design world. Chairs, for example, have long since been perfected. Any modern redesign of the chair is a mere novelty that can only make sitting down a worse, less comfortable hobby. But some things are still improving thanks to the planet’s finest reinventors. Yes, your easy life can still get easier. Read More >>

Distract Yourself With Something Dull for Killer Ideas

Sitting down, with a pen (or stylus) in your hand and waiting for an idea to happen isn't the best way to get your creative on. Distracting your inner monologue and letting your brain process thoughts in the background leads to better results. Read More >>

British Prize Promises £10m Kitty for Economy-Boosting, World-Improving Inventions

The Longitude Prize 2014 is offering a total of £10m in prizes to clever folk able to chuck out solutions to the problems faced by the world. Read More >>

We Need More Ideas as Crazy as Hyperloop

You know why I didn't like Elon Musk a few years ago? Because of PayPal. Because he seemed like a dilettante. Yet another Valley guy who was ignoring all the hard work and ingenuity that had gone into systems like infrastructure and space travel for the last fifty years; another nerd who thought every system was as mutable as a computer. I was wrong. Read More >>

Berners-Lee and Branson Back Google’s UK’s Global Impact Challenge Idea Hunt

Tim Berners-Lee, the internet's loveable dad, has teamed up with Google's UK team to launch an innovation quest over here, with Chromebooks, tech help and £500,000 on offer to those who come up with the best not-for-profit tech startups. Read More >>

Got an Idea for a Thing? 2013 James Dyson Award Now Open

The awesome global idea net that is the Dyson Awards has re-opened for 2013, with the inventor-backed scheme upping its top prize to £30,000 and asking for submissions that could change lives of people around the world. Read More >>

Kickstarter UK’s Launching on October 31st For All Your Crazy Ideas

Do you love the various ingenious projects and ideas that crop up on Kickstarter? Wish there was a UK version? The wait is nearly over. Come October 31st we'll have a Kickstarter to call our own, well, sort of. Read More >>

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The World’s Ideas, Visualised

Visualising how the world's ideas fit together is no mean feat. But now you don't have to struggle, because Brendan Griffen has mined Wikipedia to create a map of how the world's greatest thinkers influenced each other. Read More >>

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne have written a book about the 100 ideas that changed graphic design, which can be taken as a sort of chronological history for graphic design as a whole. The book makes consideration for everything, from body types and teen magazines to sexual taboo busting and designer websites, it's a great look at the roots of design. Read More >>

Photoshop Touch Leads Adobe’s New Android Tablet App Assault

Adobe has kicked its support for Android tablets up a few notches today, launching six all-new image and design tools specifically for owners of tablets running Google's Honeycomb version of the OS. Read More >>

You better drink tea teabag and spoon in one
Teabag and Spoon in One? It Can Only Be the Dyson Awards 2011

Crazy; ingenious; amazing and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that? Yep, it’s that time of year again — the Dyson Award shortlist has been drawn up, and needs your vote. Read More >>