Some Slimy Clickbait Dickhead Stole My Identity to Blog for Elite Daily 

My online reputation has the digital equivalent of an STI. A few weeks ago, I found out I was getting impersonated on the internet. My mysterious usurper did his homework, stealing my photos and biographical details to publish blogs under my byline at Elite Daily. Read More >>

This Portrait Is Actually Hand Drawn with 2.1 Million Dots

This is a portrait of Benjamin Kyle. He's a man who doesn't know anything about himself. Literally. He was unconscious when he was discovered behind a fast food restaurant in Georgia and had no belongings, severe sunburns, was nearly blind, and had no idea who he was. Benjamin Kyle, which isn't even his real name, suffers from dissociative amnesia which means he forgot his entire former life. He doesn't really exist, even though he's alive in real life. Read More >>

Why the Best Identity Protection Is Just Being a Weirdo

These are troubling times for internet identity, with passwords being ravaged and real names outed. How does a young web citizen keep himself secret and safe? By being a unique brand of nutjob, of course. Read More >>