Internet Explorer 10 Will Be Finally Euthanised In 2020

Remember Internet Explorer 10? Your SysAdmin does.

Internet Explorer Says the Mayans Were Right Because IE10 Is Actually Good Now

In another excellent ad for Internet Explorer 10, IE pokes fun of itself saying that the sign of apocalypse is here because Internet Explorer 10 is actually good now. This follows up its hilarious video ad which showed Internet trolls saying IE10 sucked... less. What a hot streak of hilarious self deprecating humor! Read More >>

Microsoft Shares the Internet Explorer 10 Love With Windows 7

After the launch of Windows 8 (previously the only place you could get some IE10-flavoured 'goodness') Microsoft's decided to spread the love to its Windows 7 brood. It's not an official launch just yet; still just a preview, but even Microsoft promises that it'll still "take other browsers to school". Oooh, Chrome, sounds like a challenge to me. [Microsoft] Read More >>