Testmodo Challenge #1: Three Readers Put the Sony Xperia™ Z5 Compact Design to the Test

We shone out the Testmodo bat signal, and you gadget-hungry Giz readers started sweeping into our inbox like some sort of smartphone-addicted rodent superhero. Our inbox was flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of applicants for the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Testmodo season, and we've now got our three lucky testers. Give a big Gizmodo welcome to Gary Coughlan, Kate Watson and Iain Buchanan, who will be putting the slick little Sony through its paces. Read More >>

The Real Reason Netflix Won’t Offer Offline Downloads

Offline downloads are perhaps the most often requested, “holy grail” feature of TV and movie streaming services, and while Netflix may be the leading provider, it's Amazon and its Prime Instant Video service that's become the first subscription-based TV service to offer it. Netflix however remains firm in its stance that it's not going to offer offline downloads through its mobile applications, even in the face of competition from its rival. But why? Read More >>

Future “Triple A” Games to Get Philips Hue Lighting Synchronization

Microsoft's Illumiroom concept may have died the death, and we're still a little way away from consumer VR tech. But that doesn't mean you can't step up the level of immersion in your gaming sessions in the meantime. Speaking at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, Philips has told Gizmodo UK that it's currently working with a whole range of AAA games that will be able to sync up to its Hue lighting system, offering synchronized ambient lighting effects to match what's going on in-game. Read More >>

The IFA 2015 Gadgets and Gear We’d Actually Buy

If you have just surfaced from 'neath a rock, you'll want to know that IFA – one of the biggest events in the tech calendar – has been happening in Berlin this week. Read More >>

LG’s Watch Urbane Luxe is 23-Karat Bonkers

Android Wear watches are cool and all, but none of them are especially fancy. (Even the new Moto 360, with its flat tyre.) Until now, at least. An alligator leather wristband, 23-karat gold plating, and a $1.200-plus price tag mean the LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a particularly niche geek accessory. Read More >>

Hands-On With LG’s Rolly Keyboard for Tablets

In the middle of the throng at LG’s IFA 2015 booth, one little gadget got a surprisingly large amount of tech geek attention. The compact, portable and aptly named LG Rolly Keyboard is a super-convenient contrivance for tablet and smartphone typists. Read More >>

Ricoh’s Theta S 360-Degree Camera Gets an Image Quality Upgrade

A few years ago, Ricoh launched its odd little 360 camera, the Theta. Since then we’ve seen countless others. But how many of them allow you to dump your images and footage on Google Maps? Read More >>

An Extra Door on This Washing Machine Lets You Add Last Minute Additions

They’re more eco-friendly than top-loading machines, but front-loading washers don’t let you add forgotten garments once the wash cycle has started. With the addition of a second smaller door, though, Samsung’s new WW8500 AddWash lets you toss in that missing sock you just found. Read More >>

Intel is Putting its Skylake CPUs Inside Smartphones

Intel’s new Skylake processors fit inside practically any computer. Soon, you’ll be able to get one inside a PC-on-a-stick. But it turns out that Core M computers can get even smaller still. Intel says it’s already testing the new processors inside smartphones too. Read More >>

LG 4K OLED HDR TVs Will Get Amazon Video Streams in High Dynamic Range

HDR is the TV buzz term at IFA 2015 – you can have all the pixels in the world, but if your telly isn't capable of handling high dynamic range video, you're not hanging with the big boys this year. Read More >>

TomTom “Spark” Packs Everything You Need to Run Into a Watch

GPS maker TomTom wants you to get out of your car and get running, as the company has announced that it is making more fitness tracking watches. Read More >>

Huawei Mate S Hands On: Force Touch is Great, But It Has One Big Problem

You've got to hand it to Huawei. Just a week out from Apple's iPhone 6S launch, it's revealed the Mate S, which has almost certainly stolen a bit of the Apple phone's thunder by coming in to land with its iOS rival's expected lead feature in tow. Read More >>

Two Years After Killing Plasma TVs, Panasonic Wades Into 4K OLED

Today, Panasonic tentatively waded into the world of 4K OLED TVs with a new 65-inch set, following the successes of LG and Samsung with the relatively new display technology. Read More >>

These Two Computers Get Better When You Dock Them

Acer is serious about external graphics. The idea being that you can plug a graphics card into a relatively weak computer and make it more powerful whenever you need. How serious? The company will sell two computers with external graphics in mind, starting this year. Read More >>