Sanbot is the Least Intimidating Security Guard I’ve Ever Seen

Less than a metre tall and weighing just 19kg, even in my drunkest state I’d fancy my chances against Sanbot. The friendly looking robot is being shown off by a company called Qihan at IFA, and you may end up spotting one in the wild (at your local supermarket/airport/school) at some point in the near future. Read More >>

The Sony Xperia XZ is SO Last Year

It may prove too little too late, but it looks like Sony’s mobile division is finally getting its act together. The Japanese giant’s got a new flagship, and for the first time in a long stretch, it doesn't feel like a total letdown. Read More >>

The Best Video Player You Can Use Finally Gets DVR Support

If you’ve got a lot of movie and TV files floating around your computer you’re doing a disservice to your free time by not installing Plex. It’s a gamechanger app that lets you instantly stream all your media to any phone, computer, or TV in your vicinity. Read More >>

Now Qualcomm’s Getting in on this VR Malarky

These days it seems like everybody and their uncle is getting involved in VR. Microsoft and Intel, Sony, LG, Google, HTC and Valve, Oculus, Samsung... The list goes on. Now even Qualcomm is dipping its toes into the water of virtual reality. Read More >>

Wacom’s Digitising Notebooks Are Better Than Ever

Taking notes on a computer or phone is never going to be as easy as taking notes with a pad and pen. Especially if you used to be a policy debater or ever learned shorthand. You have a method for speedily jotting down all the relevant stuff that’s just light years faster than predictive type and whatever the hell gadgets like the Note 7 promise you can do with a stylus. It’s what makes Wacom’s Bamboo Spark incredibly appealing. It’s a pad and paper that effectively digitises all of your notes, giving you the beauty of the cloud without all the hassle of hunt and pecking on your phone. Read More >>

home appliances
Sharp Sees a Fridge-Freezer as the Smart Centrepiece of Your Home

Smartphones, smart TVs, smart light bulbs, smart bloody everything. Smart home technology is so hot right now, with this year’s IFA bash absolutely full of the stuff. Even wigs will be connected to the internet. Probably. Hopefully. Read More >>

DJI’s Releasing A Video Stabiliser For Your Smartphones

About a year ago DJI released a self-stabilising 4K Osmo camera that anyone could pick up and use. We liked it, but the downside was that it cost £550. This year the drone-maker is trying something else with the Osmo Mobile. It has the same self-stabilising tech, but instead of built-in camera it uses your phone. Read More >>

Just When You Thought Sony’s Quest to Revive the Walkman Couldn’t Get More Ridiculous 

High-resolution audio purportedly provides a vastly superior listening experience to the highly compressed MP3s we’ve all been downloading for years. Convincing people to ditch their massive music collections and carry around a separate high-res player hasn’t been easy for Sony, but surely high-res audio adoption will now skyrocket thanks to this new gold-plated Walkman, right? Read More >>

Lenovo Yoga Book Wants You To Scribble All Over The Screen

As somebody who still heads into meetings armed with a pen and notepad rather than a gadget, I got the hots for the Lenovo Yoga Book as soon as I clapped eyes on it. The '2-in-1 tablet' – which is basically a laptop -- has a mad feature called the Halo Keyboard, and it’s gloriously weird. Read More >>

Huawei Nova Hands-On: Pretty, But Neither Here Nor There

With budget handsets growing increasingly brilliant by the year and flagships… well, continuing to be flagships, you can be forgiven for forgetting about that other tier of smartphones: the mid-rangers. Huawei certainly hasn’t, however, having just launched the Nova. Read More >>

HP Put a PC Into a 360-Degree Speaker

The days of the traditional box-y desktop are numbered. Apple’s Mac Pro and Cyberpower’s Fang Trinity proved that desktops could come in strange shapes. Now HP is grabbing a piece of the new funky shaped pie with the HP Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice. Read More >>

The TomTom Touch is More Insightful Than Your Average Fitness Tracker

That’s right, I said typed it. TomTom has just unveiled the Touch, a new fitness tracker with a difference. As well as monitoring your steps, heart rate and sleep, it also offers body composition analysis. Read More >>

The Thinnest Laptop in the World Needs a Touchscreen Keyboard

At IFA in Berlin Lenovo announced a nice array of refreshed laptops and tablets, updating great devices like the Lenovo Yoga 900 series (now the Lenovo 910) with 7th generation Intel processors, but one device stood out among the rest. It’s the tiniest laptop Lenovo has on display, so tiny the company is classifying it as a tablet. The Lenovo Book is just 0.38-inches thick, which makes it the thinnest laptop currently available, and makes ultra slims like the half-inch thick Samsung Notebook 9 and Apple Macbook look positively chunky. Read More >>

Samsung Gear S3 Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung’s only gone and done exactly what it repeatedly hinted it was going to do and launched the Gear S3 at IFA. That’s right, smartwatches are still a thing. Read More >>