The Coolest Stuff I Saw at IFA 2017

In case you hadn't noticed IFA kicked off last week in Berlin, bringing with it a whole of of weird and wonderful gadgets to unleash upon the world. There's plenty of boring and pointless stuff there, as well as a lot of cool stuff that's actually very clever and interesting. Lets take a look at some of that. Read More >>

All the Weirdest and Craziest Things I Saw at IFA 2017

When it comes to a a consumer tech show as big as IFA, there's always going to be a lot of variety. Basic home tech, like TVs and appliances, dominates the landscape, but there's still plenty of stuff that stands out for being weird or downright stupid. Here are some of the things that stood out to me on the showfloor. Read More >>

Toshiba’s AR App Lets You See if That Giant TV Will Actually Fit in Your Living Room

We all like having a TV at home, unless you're some sort of weird anti-display hipster. We all like having nice big TVs as well, seeing as how they're better for all the hi-res content we're consuming. But how can you tell if that TV will actually fit in the broom cupboard you call a home? Toshiba's new app is here to help. Read More >>

Sharp Will Have 8K TVs on Sale as Early as Next March

Despite the fact they've only become affordable relatively recently, 4K TVs have been around for a while. Too long, if Sharp has anything to say about it, because it's unveiled the first wave of its 8K TV and monitor range; which are set to go on sale next March. Read More >>

IFA 2017
Sharp’s Got Lots of New Appliances it Hopes People Will Buy

When we think of events like IFA and the technology that comes along for the ride, most people tend to think of the fancy gadgets like phones, laptops, and TVs we'll never be able to afford. But the regular home appliance stuff is often there too. It's easy to scoff at them getting launched in a similar manner to flagship smartphones, we need it all in our homes. Or most of it anyway. Nobody needs a washing machine or a dishwasher, but life is much more convenient with them both. Read More >>

All the Coolest Stuff That Came Out of IFA 2017 

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, or more simply IFA, started out as a showcase for new TV and radio technology and has debuted things like the first cassette tape and first colour TV. And in the years since it began in 1926, it has grown into the largest tech exhibition in Europe. Now, we fast forward to today, where all the big players including Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and others show up to highlight their latest and greatest least until CES in Las Vegas in January. Read More >>

The New Game by the Rock Band Creators Made Me Feel Like a DJ God

Yesterday my coworker laid the DropMix board out on a table and started dropping cards. Immediately catchy music played from her phone’s speaker and three passing coworkers stopped dead in their tracks. As she removed a card and added another the music changed to accommodate the new beat and one person said, “Is that, like, a mixing game?” Then another spied the colourful box the DropMix resides in when you want to shove it in the closet or under a bed. “Harmonix? The Rock Band guys?” The final never took their eyes off the board as she replaced another card and the music changed again. “I want to buy this.” Read More >>

My Favourite Thing at IFA is This Hi-Tech Bike Helmet

Wandering around the halls of IFA and you will see a lot of repetition, particularly with staple home gadgets like washing machines, fridge/freezers, TVs, and stuff like that. It's nice to come across something new that's actually interesting, and that's exactly how I felt when I found Livall's Helmetphone. Read More >>

The Next Big Windows Update Is Coming to Your Computer October 17th

Optimise your storage and back up your files because the next Windows Update is just around the corner. At the IFA Keynote in Berlin Terry Meyerson, VP of the Windows and Devices group, announced that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update would begin rolling out to compatible PCs October 17. Read More >>

Here’s a Stupidly Large 4K TV You’ll Never be Able to Buy

Big tech shows are a great place for tech companies to show off a bunch of outlandish shit that 99 per cent of consumers will never, ever be able to buy. Like this 120-inch 4K TV from Sharp, which it claims is the world's largest UHD LCD TV. Read More >>

IFA 2017
All the Biggest and Best News From IFA 2017

This year's IFA has hit Berlin and with it, has brought brought loads of lovely, shiny new tech news with it. Being one of the biggest tech shows out there — this year has over 1,800 individual exhibitors — there's a lot of new stuff being announced. Read More >>

The New, Smaller Samsung Frame TV Is The One That I Want

Samsung's The Frame is a TV that's just as much a piece of art as it is a television. Switch it on and it's a 4K Ultra HD; switch it off and it'll display any of hundreds of pieces of art. And Samsung's just announced a smaller 43-inch version, that interests me a lot more than the existing 55-inch and 65-inch versions. Read More >>

B&O Play’s E8 Wireless Earbuds are Pint-Sized In-Ear Fashion

I've lusted after the perfect pair of properly wireless in-ear headphones for a long time now. The Jabra Elite Sport are my current favourites, but they might soon be dethroned: B&O Play has a new set of wireless 'buds that promise the best sound in their class while also lookin' pretty darn swish at the same time. Read More >>

LG’s New V30 Looks Like One Hell of a Phone

Hot on the heels of the Galaxy Note8, LG's own new V30 looks to be the strongest competition that Samsung has ever had. A massive 6-inch display, dual rear cameras — including the brightest camera ever on a phone — and some serious hi-res audio chops should make for one hell of a high-end Android phone. Read More >>

Here Are the Coolest Laptops Getting New Intel 8th-Gen Chips (For Now)

A couple of weeks ago, Intel announced its first batch of 8th-generation CPUs. They’re improved versions of the current Kaby Lake chips, but with double the cores. The result is that Intel says these chips offer up to 44 per cent better performance with a negligible impact on battery life. While these chips might not have the fancy new Intel 14nm++ architecture we were expecting, the new 8th-gen chips allow PC makers to put quad-core chips in systems that previously capped out at two and that’s still damn cool. Read More >>