The Cat B35 is a Rugged Feature Phone That Doesn’t Skip Out on 4G

These days people seem to be loving having a not-smartphone, and going back to the pre-iPhone days when phones were 50% keypad and lasted for more than five minutes. Plus these days people are generally starting to reject a lifestyle of constant tech and embracing a love for nostalgia. So it makes sense that there's still a market for feature phones, or dumb phones if you want to be pissy about it. With that in mind there's a new CAT feature phone on the market, complete with rugged features and 4G-powered apps. Read More >>

IFA 2018
Here’s All the Coolest Stuff From Europe’s Biggest Tech Show

IFA is Europe’s largest technology trade show and its origins go back to to 1924, a solid 50 years before CES was even a thing. It was the first place people were introduced to the compact audio cassette and early portable TVs. Here’s a look at all the coolest stuff from IFA 2018. Read More >>

Apparently Segway Makes Robots Now

When you're at a big tech show it's not uncommon to see robots all over the place, for a variety of reasons. There are toy robots, performing robots, and I've even seen a demo of a robot samurai being controlled via a 5G network. This year's IFA came with something else, though. On display were autonomous robots that were also Segways, which is a weird combination of things I definitely never thought I'd be able to see. Read More >>

IFA 2018
The Weird and Wonderful Things I Spotted at IFA 2018

IFA is currently going on over in Berlin, having kicked off last week. I was in attendance for a few days, and got to wander the show floor to see what was what. There were plenty of smart home devices, phones, and all the other bland things that are always there. That said, there were plenty of weird and wonderful things that definitely deserve to be shown off. Let's take a look at the things that caught my eye. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms the Foldable Galaxy X Will Launch Before the End of the Year

There's been a lot of talk about Samsung's folding phone this year, following rumours that the device made a surprise (and secret) appearance at CES. While Samsung initially revealed to investors that the phone would be available this year, rumours suggested that it was actually being postponed until early 2019. Now, though, Samsung has confirmed the long-awaited foldable phone will launch before the year is up. Read More >>

Look At This Wacky Smartphone Watch

With Samsung working on bendy displays to put in flexible phones and even providing those screens to Chinese phonemakers to help grow the ecosystem, it’s clear a new era for smartphones is just around the corner. However, it seems like Nubia couldn’t wait that long, because at IFA 2018, the company released a frankly outrageous flexible screen device that looks like a smartwatch, but promises even more. Read More >>

Huawei Says it Wouldn’t Make a Folding Phone Just for the Sake of It

Back in July news broke that Huawei may be working on a folding smartphone of its own, thanks to some work by analysts. The report claimed the Chinese company wanted to beat Samsung's long-rumoured Galaxy X to market, so it could claim to have the world's first foldable smartphone, and it was suggested the company would be willing to make some sacrifices to make that happen. But according to Huawei itself, that doesn't seem to be the case. Read More >>

IFA 2018
Here’s a New Sony 4K Projector That You’ll Never be Able to Afford

For some people, a TV can never be good enough. They want a giant screen that would cost the same amount as a small house if a TV panel was involved, so their only option is to go for some sort of projector. Projectors are pricey as well, but they do offer a much larger image for a relatively reasonable price. Unless, of course, you're looking at the top of the range projectors. Sony's flagship is way more than you can probably afford. Read More >>

Huawei Has a New Phone Coming. It’s Not the Mate 20, it’s the Mate 20 Lite

For a while we've been seeing leaks about Huawei's next upcoming smartphone: the Mate 20. Today Huawei has announced a brand new phone for people to buy. It's not the Mate 20, it's actually the Mate 20 Lite. The idea is, like many less popular smartphone companies, that the Mate 20 Lite offers a premium smartphone experience without any of the annoyingly high pricetags associated with them. Read More >>

Even the Smoke Alarms are Getting Smarter

Smart smart smart. Everything has to be smart these days, especially if it's a typically mundane device that has sat in our homes for decades without needing any high tech features. IFA is literally filled with such devices, with companies from all over the world trying to show off their products and deliver them to the hands of the public. Netatmo is one of the companies that's been doing this for a while, and the latest announcement is a smart smoke alarm - because earsplitting noise and smoke detection isn't quite enough. Read More >>

Here Are All the Interesting Smartphones Announced at IFA 2018

Held in Berlin, Germany, IFA is a huge mashup of appliances, audio equipment, computers, and sausages, and unlike CES, it’s open to the public. Think Coachella for gadget nerds if you will, but with way better beer. And it’s here that a lot of big Asian and European companies get to show their wares. So we wanted to take a little time to go over all the big phone debuts that happened at IFA 2018. Read More >>

The New Lenovo Yoga Book’s Second E-Ink Display Is a Refreshingly Neat Idea

You wanted to love the original Lenovo Yoga Book. It had a pretty display, and its keyboard doubled as a pad for pen input, which besides just being neat also allowed it to be one of the thinnest laptops available at .38 inches. Plus, it cost just £450. But the original Yoga Book was profoundly flawed and not a good buy for anyone beyond gadget nerds with extra cash. The new .39-inch Yoga Book C930, with a second e-ink display, is so outrageously neat that you could find yourself rooting for it despite its high price tag. Although UK pricing has yet to be announced, the Yoga Book C930 will retail for $1,000 (£768) in the US and €999 in Europe, so prices here may well start somewhere around £1,000. Read More >>

Lenovo Wades into the Smarthome Gold Rush with Some Very Cheap and Convenient Gadgets

Along with anything related to smart speakers and voice assistant integration, one of the biggest gold rushes in tech is the rapidly expanding smarthome market. And with companies both new and old trying to find a way in, there’s a lot of a confusion among consumer about which brands are legit. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Slickest 2-in-1 Ditches Its Famous Hinge For Two Hidden Tricks

For the past three years, Lenovo’s flaghip 900-series Yoga 2-in-1s have been some of the best convertibles on the market. They were sleek, powerful, and had way more flexibility than a boring old clamshell, with essentially zero downsides. Thanks to their sophisticated watch-band hinges, Lenovo’s high-end convertibles also had a real sense of style and personality. Read More >>

Sennheiser’s New Momentum True Wireless Earbuds Look Like a Pricey Good Time

Here’s the frustrating thing about Sennheiser. The company makes consistently terrific (and terrific-looking) products that cost a little more than you want to spend. At least that’s the case with the new Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds. They are handsome, and they cost £300. Read More >>