The New Xperia Z5 From Sony – The World’s Best Camera in a Smartphone

From the moment you first cast your eyes on the new Xperia Z5 from Sony, you know that you’re looking at a high-end device. With a design that elegantly combines glass and metal, it appears serious and powerful - and it looks like it is designed to make an impression. Read More >>

The Real Reason Netflix Won’t Offer Offline Downloads

Offline downloads are perhaps the most often requested, “holy grail” feature of TV and movie streaming services, and while Netflix may be the leading provider, it's Amazon and its Prime Instant Video service that's become the first subscription-based TV service to offer it. Netflix however remains firm in its stance that it's not going to offer offline downloads through its mobile applications, even in the face of competition from its rival. But why? Read More >>

Future “Triple A” Games to Get Philips Hue Lighting Synchronization

Microsoft's Illumiroom concept may have died the death, and we're still a little way away from consumer VR tech. But that doesn't mean you can't step up the level of immersion in your gaming sessions in the meantime. Speaking at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, Philips has told Gizmodo UK that it's currently working with a whole range of AAA games that will be able to sync up to its Hue lighting system, offering synchronized ambient lighting effects to match what's going on in-game. Read More >>

ASUS ROG GX700 Hands-On: Water-Cooled Gaming Laptop is Sublime Overclocked Overkill

If the Philips AmbiLux TV stole my heart for its audacious projected immersive lighting tech, the batshit-crazy ASUS ROG GX700 water-cooled gaming laptop has had the same effect for me but in a laptop. This thing is an absolute beast. Read More >>

My Eyes Can’t Handle the Insanity of the Philips AmbiLux UHD TV

Despite the glitzy launches and top flight devices, it's all been a bit, well, safe at this year's IFA, especially around televisions. While other manufacturers focus on 4K delivery systems and HDR standards, it's taken Philips to deliver the conference's only truly barmy product. Sure, it's got the de rigueur 4K specs and a catwalk slim bezel, but the Philips AmbiLux UHD grabs your eyeballs by the...er...balls and puts them through some sort of kaleidoscopic interdimensional warp hole. Read More >>

Finally! Some Wireless Headphones That Don’t Have Wires

Wireless bluetooth headphones have been around for a few years now but despite the name, they always seem to have some wires - usually to link together the left and right earbuds in the form a headband or a looser-fitting wire to run behind your head. But finally, it seems that someone has got it right. Read More >>

Samsung Goes Full Throttle Towards Catching Up with Apple’s CarPlay

Today at IFA in Berlin Samsung has announced a new "Car Mode for Galaxy" app for its phones which will bring a number of the phone's apps to car dashboards, in a new partnership with BMW and Volkswagen. Read More >>

Mad, Mad Philips AmbiLux UHD TV Puts Nine Projectors in a Telly

Philips has just announced the Power Rangers Megazord of TVs; its new AmbiLux UHD TV has a projection system stuck in its back. Madness. Wonderful, crazy madness. Read More >>

Samsung’s “SleepSense” Sleep Monitor Will Watch You Flail Around at Night

Samsung wants to help you sleep better and has developed a new gadget to help you do it. Samsung SleepSense is a wide, flat device which sits beneath your mattress and will watch how much you flail around in the night. Read More >>

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Will Let You “Paint With Light”

Philips has today announced the latest addition to its Hue line of lights that can be controlled through an app on your phone. Read More >>

Jabra Eclipse Puts Less Stress on the Ear of Executives, Weighing Just 5.5g

Things-dangling-off-things maker Jabra has revealed a (tangled) rucksack full of new mobile accessories at IFA 2015 this week, with one of the most technically appealing being its next-gen Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth headset -- one that weighs just 5.5g and is so small looks like someone's cut your earphone cable off in a commuter rage incident about leaking sound. Read More >>

Jabra Sport Pace Does the App/Fitness/Music Thing People Seem to Like Nowadays

Another thing with a battery (15-minute charge for one hour of use), official ruggedness (IP 54 rated) and app integration (Sport Life app) has appeared at IFA, with the Jabra Sport Pace hoping to become the go-to-get-and-wear thing people who go running use to listen to Chvrches or whatever else is fashionable right now. Read More >>