iFixit Reveals Free Database of Medical Device Repair Manuals

iFixit's usual forte is device teardowns, but for the past two months, the website has turned its hand to creating a huge database dedicated to the repair of medical equipment because there's a pandemic dontcherknow. Read More >>

iFixit’s Galaxy Fold Teardown Disappears After Samsung Request

The situation with the Samsung Galaxy Fold was already bad, but Samsung seems to be actively making it worse. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Fold Fault is Due to Big Ol’ Holes, Says iFixit

The brilliant types at iFixit, who are all about taking broken phones apart and seeing what's gone wrong, have had a gander at the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and reckon they know what the issue is. Read More >>

Apple Will Now Begrudgingly Repair iPhones with Unofficial Batteries

If you've had your iPhone battery replaced by a third-party repair shop, you're now allowed to get your phone fixed at Genius Bars and Apple-approved places. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Is A ‘Glue-Filled Monstrosity’, Can’t Be Repaired Without ‘Destroying It’

While Microsoft's Surface Laptop might look the goods, once you get inside the thing, well, it reveals its uglier, less repairable side. As iFixit recently discovered, if something inside the portable PC goes bang, you'll almost certainly have to get a complete new one. Read More >>

This Cheap Toolkit Can Open 99 Per Cent of Your Gadgets

Were the electronics makers of the world to have their way, every time one of your gadgets broke, you’d simply buy a new one. But most gadgets can be repaired, as the folks at iFixit have revealed time and time again. And the team’s newest DIY repair kit gives you all the essentials you need with just a £17.16 price tag. Read More >>

What the iPhone 7 Gained By Losing the Headphone Jack

The cool people at iFixit have torn apart the new iPhone 7 Plus. As expected, there are a lot of new changes, like the new camera system, waterproofing, and, of course, the death of the headphone jack. Read More >>

iFixit CEO Slams Huawei For Blindly Copying Apple’s Pointless Pentalobe Screws

Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch. iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens has torn into Huawei in an op-ed on Wired, fiercely criticising the company over its use of a pair of screws. Everything you need to see is in the picture above, which shows an iPhone 6S sat on top of a Huawei P9. Read More >>

I Am Drooling Over This Electronics Toolkit Right Now

I would not be along in thinking that iFixit makes brilliant tool kits – perhaps the best. And now the company updated their bestselling Pro Tech toolkit for the next generation of gadgets in your life. And it’s just beautiful. I want one. Read More >>

iPad Mini 4 Teardown: Literally Just a Smaller iPad Air 2

The new iPad Mini 4 was a footnote at Apple’s recent event, and for good reason: the little tablet really is just Apple’s year-old iPad, with a slightly smaller display. Read More >>

star wars
iFixit Tears Down the One Gadget We all Really Want: The Lightsaber

To celebrate May the Fourth, the most important date on a Star Wars fan’s calendar, iFixit yesterday set aside its Apple Watches and laptops and instead focused its expertise in disassembling on the one gadget everyone in this galaxy (and those far, far away) really want: a lightsaber. Read More >>

apple watch
iFixit Takes Apart An Apple Watch

Habitual destroyers of gadgets iFixit got their paws on an Apple Watch and have torn it apart chip by chip. Read More >>

An Inside Look at the New MacBook’s Weird-Ass Slim Battery

The new MacBook has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve, from a new keyboard to a force feedback trackpad, and of course a lovely new hi-res screen. But maybe the coolest new feature is deep on the inside; terraced batteries that can put more power in a thinner package. Read More >>

Nexus 6 Teardown: A Big Beast Full of Beautiful Guts 

The Nexus 6 is Google's new (and wonderful) behemoth flagship, so of course the folks at iFixit took the first opportunity to vivisect it for your pleasure. Inside that big, beautiful body is plenty of room for the requisite guts: a big battery, bigger brains, and even a secret LED. Read More >>