IKEA Kicks off Christmas With a Traditional Swedish Spread This December

The retailer will be hosting a buffet to celebrate the tradition of Santa Lucia on December 13. Read More >>

augmented reality
Ikea Expands Augmented Reality App, Lets You Fill an Entire Room With Virtual Swedish Furniture

Augmented reality might one day be a crucial piece of technology, but for now, the best use we’ve found for putting virtual objects in real scenes is previewing how new furniture might look in your living room. Of course, Ikea is just fine with that, and the company just updated its Place app so users can try multiple pieces of Swedish decor in a room, instead of just one at a time. Read More >>

Police Cancel Mass Ikea Hide and Seek

Scottish police were called to a branch of Ikea outside Glasgow over the weekend, after staff found out that as many as 3,000 locals had arranged via social media to enjoy a potentially record breaking game of hide and seek inside the furniture shop. Read More >>

How Ikea’s New Wireless Speaker Compares to the Sonos One

It felt confusing and excited when Ikea released two new speakers built by Sonos. They’re a little weird-looking, first of all. (One speaker is also a lamp!) But what’s really extraordinary is that Ikea is now selling a full-fledged Sonos speaker for £100. (It doubles as a shelf!) We tested this new Sonos speaker—the cheapest Sonos you can buy—against the £200 Sonos One to see if it can keep up. The answer is basically, surprisingly, yes. Read More >>

Ikea’s £100 Sonos Speaker Breaks the Mold

Very soon, millions of people will be able to walk into an Ikea store and buy a Sonos speaker for £100. There’s a more expensive speaker-lamp combo, too, but the idea is simple: Ikea wants to sell you affordable smart home goods that fit into Ikea furniture and work impressively well right out of the box. For a lot of people, this must be an alluring proposition. And I have to admit, the new speakers aren’t bad. Read More >>

Ikea Has Made a Whole Font out of Sofas Based on Your Weird Memes

Ikea has seen your memes and is raising you an entire font based on its sofa planner. Read More >>

Ikea Wins Permission to Build 162 Flats on the South Coast

Ikea and partner Skanska have won approval to build 162 new flats in Worthing, with the local council granting permission for the pair's BoKlok joint venture to go ahead and unpack the massive cardboard boxes and begin construction. Read More >>

Ikea Designed a New Dresser Line With Improved Stability Features to Prevent Dangerous Tip-Overs

In July of 2015, Ikea finally acknowledged the increased tip over risk of several of its Malm dressers when drawers were left open; first responding with free anchoring kits, and then following up with a full recall in the US. Several children in America were unfortunately killed by the design flaw, which ultimately led to a $50 million (£39 million) lawsuit, several Malm pieces being discontinued, and the introduction of the company’s new Glesvär dresser line yesterday, with features specifically designed to reduce tipping risks. Read More >>

Ikea to Bring Vegan Meatballs to its Menu That Taste Just Like the Real Thing (Almost)

Ikea is adding a second vegan-friendly meatball option to its menu that will use a plant-based protein to make the finished product look and taste like its meaty equivalent. Read More >>

Sonos and Ikea Made Some Wacky Speaker Furniture

It took four years to do it, but Sonos and Ikea have finally revealed their new wireless speakers. The so-called Symfonisk series includes a bookshelf-style speaker that doubles as an actual bookshelf and a lamp with a speaker in its base. Like a lot of Ikea furniture, the two new products are quirky and practical. They’re also full-fledged but low-priced Sonos speakers. Read More >>

Ikea’s Made A Flat-Pack Chocolate Bunny for Easter

Well, you can't accuse Ikea of having no sense of humour — the company has fully taken the piss out of itself with its Easter 2019 product: a flat-pack chocolate bunny. Read More >>

Ikea Plans to Sell Through Online Rivals

Ikea executives having big thinks on comfortable sofas have had an idea that could make getting the shelf of your dreams easier than ever – it's looking at listing its products on the massive online sellers like Amazon or international rival Alibaba. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Ikea Meatballs Delivered

The only thing more enjoyable than watching couples break up over inexpensive kitchenware is following it up with meatballs and ice cream, which is one of the reasons Ikea is so popular. The other, obviously, is that they've gamified furniture by turning it into elaborate jigsaw puzzles that may or may not be missing several key pieces. Read More >>

Essex Ikea Turns Temporary Crash Pad for Stranded Motorists

The Thurrock branch of Ikea said TO HELL with its advertised closing times last night, after a crash on the M25 caused traffic chaos in the area and people needed somewhere to be that wasn't suffering in a car on a non-moving slip road. Read More >>

Smaller Ikea Metro/Local Outlets are Coming to the High Street

Ikea is planning to invade the high streets of the UK with a network of smaller branches, where users will be able to select from a slightly limited range of furniture and won't have the fun of controlling a massive trolley in places where it looks like members of the public shouldn't be allowed. Read More >>