Ikea’s Iconic Carrier Bag Gets a Makeover

The blue IKEA Frakta carrier bag is an iconic part of the Swedish furniture store's line-up. It's a Good Bag, and one of the most recognisable things in the world. Even Balenciaga made one (for £1,700). As part of a new set of Scandy furniture, the Frakta has been redesigned in a few different colours and transformed into the Ypperlig. Read More >>

Ikea Just Bought… TaskRabbit?

It sort of makes sense. Swedish flatpack furniture giant Ikea just acquired American labour on demand startup TaskRabbit. As some have pointed out, Ikea just bought a company that already employs people to build its own furniture. Makes sense! Read More >>

augmented reality
IKEA’s New Augmented Reality App Means You’re Never Not At IKEA

When you were a kid, what did you think the future would look like? Hoverboards, Back to the Future style? Flying cars a la The Jetsons? Read More >>

Ikea Allen Keys Have Another Use at Last

An artist has had one of those ideas they have again, with this one also conveniently forming the basis of an advert for a national furniture chain. Seriously, if you want to do art, make sure it can also be an advert, as that's where the money is. You won't get rich selling tin can art at local craft markets. Read More >>

What Will Break First, Your iPhone or Your Wireless Charging Ikea Furniture?

Known for innovating by employing technology and features other companies have had in use for years and treating them as Brand Fucking New, Apple is now rolling out wireless charging on its new line of iPhones. Despite hideous initial sales, there’s likely to be a rush to buy up charging stations and IKEA—Sweden’s most famous non-idiot export—is pulling a comfortable, flat-packed chair up next to Apple’s money avalanche. Read More >>

Ikea Takes Over Sheffield’s Supertram

If you've been anywhere near Yorkshire's steel city any time recently, you've probably noticed a giant blue and yellow monstrosity looming just outside of the city centre. That monstrosity would be Ikea. It's very hard to miss. Read More >>

Ikea Can Sell You a Home Battery Now

Ikea's UK division has jumped on the home electricity storage bandwagon, and is now offering to install an LG-built battery in the house of anyone who happens to have their own renewable generation system. Read More >>

French Designers Want £1,700 for an Ikea Bag

This blue thing here is the Balenciaga Arena tote, a posh leather bag for rich people to keep iPhones, drugs and tiny dogs in. The crazy news is that it costs around £1,700 and seems to be based on the classic 40p Ikea Frakta holdall. Read More >>

Man Installs ‘Relationship Saving Station’ At His Local Ikea

Having an argument in Ikea is pretty much the worst thing in the world. Everyone stares at you with patronising sympathy and you don't feel like getting an ice cream after the tills. Most of the time, you don't even get the good half of the 100 Days of Summer montage – it's just utensils, cushion covers, breakup. Read More >>

smart home
Ikea’s Smart Lighting Is Here To Save Us All

The smart home has officially gone mainstream: Ikea's made its own line of smart lighting. Read More >>

An Afternoon Spent at IKEA Is Even More Painful When You Weaponise Those Tiny Pencils

Even the most mild-mannered among us can’t spend an afternoon inside a sprawling IKEA warehouse without leaving full of rage. But if you want to drown your frustrations, do it in cheap hot dogs and soft serve ice cream instead of walking out the door, determined to weaponise those tiny IKEA pencils. Read More >>

No More Allen Keys: Ikea’s Rolling Out Click-Together Furniture

Everyone knows the trade-off for the ridiculously reasonable prices in Ikea is the pain of assembling the furniture later. In fact, we've often found ourselves wishing we'd spent an extra few notes for something pre-assembled that didn't come with instructions written in cartoons, but it sounds like that time of frustration is coming to an end. Read More >>

These Ikea Deckchairs Keep Slicing Off People’s Fingertips

Ikea is recalling roughly 34,000 deckchairs over safety concerns. Typically, chair recalls are initiated over stability concerns and chairs simply tipping over. But the danger of these Mysingsö model chairs is a bit more gruesome. So far 13 people have been injured, with six people getting their fingertips amputated. Read More >>

Ikea’s Now Making Chairs the Same Way Nike Makes its Knitted Sneakers

There’s nothing quite as comfortable as wearing a sweater knit by a grandparent, right? That’s why Nike started using digital knitting machines to create its colorful Flyknit sneakers back in 2012, and why Ikea has now adopted the same technology to create a pair of chairs designed to pamper your posterior. Read More >>