You Can Now Get Ikea Meatballs Delivered

The only thing more enjoyable than watching couples break up over inexpensive kitchenware is following it up with meatballs and ice cream, which is one of the reasons Ikea is so popular. The other, obviously, is that they've gamified furniture by turning it into elaborate jigsaw puzzles that may or may not be missing several key pieces. Read More >>

Essex Ikea Turns Temporary Crash Pad for Stranded Motorists

The Thurrock branch of Ikea said TO HELL with its advertised closing times last night, after a crash on the M25 caused traffic chaos in the area and people needed somewhere to be that wasn't suffering in a car on a non-moving slip road. Read More >>

Smaller Ikea Metro/Local Outlets are Coming to the High Street

Ikea is planning to invade the high streets of the UK with a network of smaller branches, where users will be able to select from a slightly limited range of furniture and won't have the fun of controlling a massive trolley in places where it looks like members of the public shouldn't be allowed. Read More >>

Ikea is Celebrating the England v Sweden Game With a ‘Plate of Two Halves’ Meal Deal

Tomorrow is the next stage of the World Cup for England, where it's going to be going up against Sweden, and to celebrate that clash notorious furniture maze Ikea will be offering a special 'plate of two halves' meal deal. So anyone who orders a plate of Ikea's famous meatballs (or the veggie ball alternative) will also get a plate of fish and chips thrown in at no extra cost. Read More >>

Ikea Recalls its Sladda Bike Due to Belt-Snappage Risks

Ikea's Sladda bike, a supposedly indestructible aluminium-framed commuter with two automatic hub gears, a coaster brake, and a 10-year guarantee on its oil-free, chainless belt drive system, is being recalled. Because that belt drive system is prone to snapping. Read More >>

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Turning an Ikea Chair Into an RC Plane Is Definitely the Cheapest Way to Fly

After miraculously getting a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toy to take flight, the RC hobbyists at YouTube’s FliteTest challenged themselves to get one of Ikea’s cheap Jokkmokk wooden chairs airborne. Not only did they succeed, they also managed to complete all of the flightworthy upgrades in a mere six hours. Read More >>

People Believing the Internet Visit Unopened Ikea

The Exeter branch of Ikea isn't open yet, but that hasn't stopped people from turning up anyway. That's what happens when you rely on your phone and your mobile data connection to tell you everything. Read More >>

Watch Two Robots Nimbly—and Very Calmly–Assemble an Ikea Chair

Having to assemble furniture from Ikea is an endless exercise in frustration, so how cool would it be to have robots that could do the job? Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have now taken us a significant step closer to achieving that dream. Read More >>

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Augmented Reality Instruction Manuals Would Make Building Ikea Furniture Way Less Painful

Adam Pickard is a big fan of Ikea’s augmented reality app that lets you try out furniture in your home before buying it. But Pickard apparently thought a smartphone could be just as useful during the assembly process, so he mocked up a demo of an app that uses augmented reality to make building Swedish furniture infinitely easier. Read More >>

Place, Ikea’s AR Furniture App is Now Available on Android

Augmented Reality can be used for all sorts of things, but retailers have started using it to show you what certain objects might look like inside your home - like a digital try-before-you-buy. Ikea is one of those retailers, releasing an AR app for iOS last September. Now that app is available on Android. Read More >>

Ikea Pushes 100 Per Cent Renewable Electricity Plans

Ikea has joined up with a thing calling itself the Big Clean Switch, which wants to make it easy for households to switch their energy supplier to one that can demonstrably prove it sources 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources. Read More >>

Ikea Creates an Advert for Women to Wee on

An advert for an Ikea cot in a Swedish magazine has broken weird new ground in terms of interactivity, with the ad asking for women to wee on it in order to receive a surprise. Read More >>

Who Wouldn’t Want a Stocking Made Out of an Ikea Bag?

Ikea bags have been around for a long time, but has anyone been looking at one and gone, "You know what? I should make a Christmas stocking out of that"? Most of you probably have not, but at least one person has. I know that because they're inexplicably a thing now. Read More >>

Ikea Has a Nice Frame for Your New da Vinci

The poor art collector who spent masses of money on a weird and blurry painting of Jesus is the target of a sneaky ad campaign by Ikea, which is using the $450m sale of Salvator Mundi to hopefully shift a few cheap picture frames. Read More >>

Ikea’s Iconic Carrier Bag Gets a Makeover

The blue IKEA Frakta carrier bag is an iconic part of the Swedish furniture store's line-up. It's a Good Bag, and one of the most recognisable things in the world. Even Balenciaga made one (for £1,700). As part of a new set of Scandy furniture, the Frakta has been redesigned in a few different colours and transformed into the Ypperlig. Read More >>