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Can You Get Ill From Air Conditioning?

At the peak of summer, when just walking to and from the corner store necessitates a shower and a change of clothes, air-conditioning can seem almost too good to be true. It is one of the few staples of modernity without severe and readily apparent downsides: all it does, or all it seems to do, is make things cooler, while generating a soft, lulling noise redolent of childhood afternoons spent indoors watching cartoons. What’s the catch? How exactly are these things slowly killing us, like every other good thing in the world? Read More >>

Edinburgh Scientists Think They’re on to a Cold Cure

There might soon be a drug on the market that does something more than offer a placebo-powered pat on the back when you've got a cold, as a group of researchers at Edinburgh Napier University think they've come up with something that can defeat the human rhinovirus -- also known as the main trigger of the common cold. Read More >>

MPs Promise War on Pretending to Get Sick From a Magaluf Hotel Buffet

A while ago we did a thing about British tourists going abroad, having a good time, then getting home and pretending to be sick in order to get a nice wedge of compensation from the hotel that did their catering. Well, Mr Feignington-Illness, that ruse is about to come to an end thanks to the GOVERNMENT. Read More >>

A Brain-Invading Parasite Is Believed to Be Spreading Because of Climate Change

Health officials in Hawaii have been warning residents not to touch snails or slugs with their bare hands because of an increase in cases of people coming into contact with a rare parasitic infection known as a rat lungworm. Experts are blaming its sudden spread across the United States on climate change and globalisation. Read More >>

How to Survive the Next Catastrophic Pandemic

Experts say it’s not a matter of if, but when a global scale pandemic will wipe out millions of people. And we are grossly unprepared for the next major outbreak. But in the event of a devastating pandemic—whether it be triggered by a mutated strain of an existing virus or a bio-engineered terror weapon—there are some practical things you can do, both before and during the outbreak, to increase your odds of survival. Read More >>

The Sickweather App Gives Germaphobes An Excuse Not To Go Outside

If you need an excuse to sit on the sofa and eat biscuits all day, we've found one: Sickweather, an app that shows you in real-time what nasty bugs are swirling around near you. Using the dubious methodology of scanning social media posts for self-reports of sickness, plus user reports within the app, Sickweather aggregates results on a real-time map so you can see where the illness hotspots are near you. Read More >>

Ebola Outbreak: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Deadly Diseases

Ebola is one of the world's deadliest diseases. The current Ebola outbreak is the worst in history, with over 900 dead this year and no cure or vaccine. If you're fascinated by the sickening details of global illness, here are 12 things you might not have known about sickness and disease (hypochondriacs may not want to read on). Read More >>

Can You Actually Get Ill From Being Cold?

We've all been nagged about staying warm in the winter by a concerned elder: "You don't want to catch cold!" But that's absurd; everyone these days knows colds are only caused by viruses, right? Well, it's complicated. Read More >>

Charity Gift Wrap Turns Common Germs Into Pwetty Wittle Snowflakes

Homelessness charity St. Mungos has created this charming gift wrap, consisting of three heart-warming snowflake scenes. But they're not snowflakes, they're the cold, influenza and pneumonia viruses, blown up to highlight but three of the problems faced by the homeless in winter. All money goes to charity. Buy here: [Wrap Up Project] Read More >>

Evidence Shows Cancer Regrowth Is Driven By Cancer Stem Cells

While scientists increasingly understand the genetics of cancer, they've never been able to track how single cancerous cells form tumours in the body, or work out how tumours grow back seemingly from nowhere. New research, however, sheds some light on that problem—and suggests that tumours are fueled by cancer stem cells. Read More >>

How Twitter Can Predict When Individuals Will Get Sick

If you've been walking around a public place lately, you've come into contact with a lot of people. Some of those people may have been sick. And if you've been hanging around enough of them as they cough and sneeze, then you might be about to get sick too. Read More >>

Researcher Killed By Deadly Bacteria He Was Working With

A young researcher from San Francisco has died after being infected by a highly virulent strain of meningococcal disease he was studying—and there are fears that it could spread. Read More >>

Mystery Killer Preying on Vietnamese Youth

A mysterious illness that begins as a high fever with little appetite and spreads to a rash on the hands and feet is responsible for the loss of 17 lives, so far, in an impoverished Vietnamese district. 171 others have also been sickened but have been able to recover with proper and timely medical care. Read More >>