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Chemists Explain Why You Probably Shouldn’t Bother With Cough Syrup

Every year, people spend billions on cough syrup. But is it really effective? A new video by the American Chemical Society explains why most cough medicines don’t actually work as advertised. Read More >>

Modern Biscuits and Crisps Diet is Bringing Gout and Rickets Back

Classic illnesses thought long since buried are making a comeback in the UK, with cases of gout and rickets on the rise as a mixture of poverty and generally poor modern diets impact upon the health of those who think "five a day" refers to cans of Stella. Read More >>

This (Slightly Morbid) Interactive Chart Maps British Deaths in the 21st Century

Brits in the 21st century are most likely to die from circulatory diseases. FACT. That's the finding of the latest Guardian Data Blog, which tracks all registered deaths between 2001 and 2012 across England and Wales. Read More >>