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How That Crazy Cylinder Illusion Works

Back in June we spotted a video that had us flummoxed: a few round-looking shapes appear as squares in a mirror. Rotating them 180 degrees produced the opposite result. Was it wizardry? CGI? Almost a month later, we finally have our answer. Read More >>

Cool 3D Optical Illusion GIFs Make Things Pop-Out of the Screen

Some of these 3D optical illusion GIFs are really really good. Scrat—the sabre-toothed squirrel from Ice Age—achieves the effect the best, in my opinion. Take a look at the full collection below. Read More >>

Keyfleas Don’t Actually Bite While You Type

A lot of things can bother you while you're trying to work, but what about things that you only perceive as nagging? In Keyfleas, little lights follow your fingers around a keyboard like a swarm of fleas, and can create the sensation that something is nipping at your fingers. Read More >>