Welcome to BusinessTown, the Children’s Book Version of Silicon Valley 

In your recent internet wanderings you might have spotted a few residents of BusinessTown, the industrious anthropomorphic animals who look strikingly similar to the ones from your favourite childhood picture book — except these creatures are digital strategy “intrapreneurs” who give TED Talks on how nanobots will end poverty. Read More >>

RIP Sir Terry Pratchett: The Very Best Discworld Book Covers

The word "legend" is fairly overused in a world where your mate is a "legend" for lending you 50p, but it's certainly deserved of British fantasy-fiction master Sir Terry Pratchett, who has sadly died at 66 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. Read More >>

These Cool Anamorphic Drawings Will Play With Your Brain

Italian artist Alessandro Diddi is back with more mind-boggling anamorphic drawings that seem to be popping out of the paper. Even if I know that these are plain 2D drawings, my brain keeps telling me it's 3D. Read More >>

42 Visions For Tomorrow From The Golden Age of Futurism

It's 2015. But sometimes it feels like our futuristic dreams are stuck in the 50s and 60s. And there's actually a good reason for that. Read More >>

These Google Doodles That Never Ran are Perfect 

If you happened to type into your browser yesterday you saw a wintery doodle by one Eleanor Davis, a illustrator who created four seasonal doodles for the search giant this year. These were all fantastic doodles, but her sketches that Google didn't run are pure gold. Read More >>

These Richly Detailed Maps Give the Modern World a Victorian Twist

Wouldn't we all love to live in a city where floating dirigibles shared the horizon alongside the glass towers of our modern skylines? Such is the wild world featured in the highly complex, geographically accurate illustrations of Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams, whose maps are part of an exhibition for the London Design Festival, running until October 9. Read More >>

The Dark, Glamourous World of One of NYC’s Real-Life Mad Men

New York in the years after World War II was a city more prosperous and more modern than anything the world had seen—and it spawned a whole culture unto itself, distributed in newspapers, magazines, and advertisements. This was the era of Madison Avenue Men, and Mac Conner was their illustrator. Read More >>

Artist Draws Incredible Illustrations With No Prior Sketching Whatsoever

Kim Jung Gi is one of those rare illustrators that can conjure up any scene he wants out of thin air, without any sketching and in record time. There are no tricks here, just an amazing visual memory, raw imagination, and a perfect command of the medium. Watching these videos of him working is a real pleasure. Read More >>

In Defence of Insanely Expensive Pencils

Writing instruments contain a weird, almost alchemical power. To anyone who hasn't experienced it, this will sound like a crazy idea—but for some of us, pencils are almost like magic wands, containing powers that can either help or hinder your process. Read More >>

Can You Name These 20 Internet Events From 2013?

Your two week long hangover may have prevented you from realising this but... it's 2014 now. That means 2013 is over and done with and like any other year, needs to be wrapped up nicely in one lovely drawing. This drawing, commissioned by Syzygy and created by Brosmind, sums up all that has happened on the internet in 2013. Read More >>

This Entire Awesome Star Wars Poster Was Illustrated From Memory

Let's do a little experiment. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and, without doing an internet search, draw C-3PO and R2-D2. We all know what those droids look like, but how close can you get without peeking at a pic? John Hendrix has been sketching the Star Wars universe since he was a kid; now, as a grown-up illustrator, he's put that practice to good use for a visual love letter to the movies. Read More >>

A Beautiful Illustration of the Evolution of Audio Equipment

A lot's changed in the world of audio over the last 170 years. Gone are the days of cranking a handle to make noise, replaced instead by silicon and circuity to pump out digital tunes. This beautiful illustration walks you through how and when those changes happened. Read More >>

These Adorable GIFs Are Like Tiny Moving Picture Books

Only a handful of individuals have succeeded in making the GIF into a piece of art. We can definitely add artist and designer Guillaume Kurkdjian to that list, because his collection of lovely, child-like animations are dioramas of whimsical delight. Read More >>

10 Extreme — and Extremely Pretty — Close Ups of Bacteria and Plants

Bacteria has the virtue (and sometimes the vice) of being able to grow at incredible speeds — some strains can double in cell count in as little as four minutes. Fernan Federici, a postdoctoral student at the University of Cambridge, is pioneering the art of capturing the split-second process. And the results are absolutely beautiful. Read More >>

Intricate, Ultra-Accurate Blueprints of Botanical Life

Illustration and science have always gone hand in hand. If you want to understand something, drawing it is a good place to start. Macoto Murayama, a 29-year-old botanist and designer, goes even further: he carefully dissects and models flowers using 3D drafting software. Read More >>